Mornings lately, at least for me, have become an annoying reminder of seasonal change. I wake with itchy, red eyes, and as I rub away last night’s sleep, I sneeze in succession to what’s become my morning workout of crunches. As I look into my closet, I’m challenged to find a quick change into work clothes that are both easy to pair and seasonally appropriate. Living on trend has its limits, and it’s clearly done that to my wardrobe. Interestingly enough, I’ve read on the Facebook grapevine that trending in fashion is no longer trendy. Cue the Spring cleaning effect, and I’ve found another reason to shop again! This time, I’m buying the essentials.

As it turns out, Byer California, a manufacturer of department store clothing for juniors, misses, and girls sizes have created a Basics Box that fits my need to include basics in my newly edited wardrobe. At a very affordable $98. the Byer Basics Box arrives with four foundation pieces to build an office-ready outfit: a white button-down shirt with convertible sleeves, a black two-button fitted blazer, a black high-waisted pencil skirt, and black low-waisted pants.Ā  On Byer’s website, The blazer and shirt are offered in a Small/Medium/Large sizing scale, and the skirt and pants on a numeric scale from size two to size twelve.


If the fit is a concern, I can attest that the sizing runs true on my body. The cut, on the other hand, largely depends on the body type.

If you are in the seeking to streamline your office wardrobe in one affordable cheery package, look into the Byer Basics Box. Four pieces for $98 is an opportunity for fashion creativity once that clutter in your closet is organized. Building your own capsule wardrobe has never been easier.