Have you checked out the latest in online shopping? A site that actually finds items according to your style specifications. Items are all $39.95 how fabulous!?

www.justfab.com is just that; completely FABULOUS! I just received my first order and could not help but do a quick review. I found out about this site watching one of these crazy reality shows. They posted a commercial talking about some $39.95 nonsense. A site which takes your style into consideration when picking a perfect style of shoes and purses for your choosing. I was in utter disbelief. As a shoe and purse junkie, I had to check this out. It was so easy!

Sign up for FREE then just follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Take Our Fashion Personality Quiz

Answer a few fun questions about your fashion preferences

Step 2: Get handpicked styles

Their Style Experts customize a collection of shoes and handbags to fit your fashion every month.

Step 3: You choose what to buy

Buy only the styles you want for just $39.95 each. Shipping is FREE and exchanges are a breeze!

The best thing was when you sign up you receive 50% off on your first purchase! So, of course, I had to have a bag and a pair of shoes.

I received the items in one week. The bag is gorgeous and the shoes were great! Unfortunately, they were a little small. No worries. They have an exchange process should you run into this problem. So, I am asking my husband to send them back tomorrow for the next size up. I will post pics of each item and give you a rundown on how that went. For now… I am impressed and definitely recommend trying the site! Enjoy fashionistas!

XOXO Besos!

Anna Castillo

Images courtesy of www.justfab.com