Vladimir Diablero- Canvas


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This masterpiece is the perfect representation of modern DJ culture. From Illuminati DJ, the Urban DJ painting at modern turntables amongst cherubs and demons is an eye-catching renaissance style hyper-realistic piece rendered in pewter color (Pantone color- 13-1010). The painting exemplifies the contemporary urban chic aesthetic with its full-bodied visual representation; audacious hues of ivory, pewter and gravel coupled with lively motion of the celestial heroes crafting a dynamic display of depth and texture. Feel the vibrations of the music emanating from the bottom of the frame as they cradle and elevate this piece with its seamless transition from harmony into chaos. Experience the classic style and spirituality of the age-old mythical creatures in a modernized form within the boundaries of this composition. Immerse yourself in the gentle curves of the figures and take a moment to journey into the untouched terrain of infinity and beyond that illuminates the very essence of this artwork. As a result, this painting will become an inspiring centerpiece for any living space. #DJBeige #BeigeSound #KampBrown #IlluminatiDJ #ModernTurntables #CherubsAndDemons #RenaissanceStyle #HyperRealism #Beige #Pewter #PantoneColor13-1010 #Urban-Chic #PaintingOnCanvas

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Heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan. Wait until the pan is hot and the butter has fully melted.

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