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This stunning painting, an original masterpiece from the Black Arta Surrealist collection, captures the energy of urban life in Washington, DC. Using vivid colors and abstract techniques, this canvas is an example of how vibrant city life can be through an expressionistic lens. Measuring 24×24 inches, this gallery-wrapped art canvas showcases a surreal representation of D.C. with its distinctive architecture. A visual tapestry of lights, shapes, and textures is seemingly held together by the tranquil blues of night sky.

The title of the painting, “Urban Alley”, reflects the cityscape and its diverse array of residents. As an abstract expression of urban life in our nation’s capital, it’s sure to become a cherished conversation piece in any home. The unique features of this Black Arta Surrealist painting evoke a feeling of discovery regardless of the viewer’s age, background, or familiarity with D.C. Providing an aesthetic gateway to the exciting culture of Washington, DC, this eye-catching piece is perfect for any contemporary or surrealist art collection.

Bring this beautiful art canvas into your home, and explore the unique beauty of urban surrealism for yourself.

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