Stephanie C. White is the Managing Director & Lead Event Planner at Stephanie White Events, LLC; Published Author of a Memoir, “A Thousand Miles in My Shoes;” and a Motivational Speaker in the DMV.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie C. White.  She walked a journey from a shattered life to an authentic self-discovery.  Stephanie C. White, in her prolific literary offering, takes each reader on a journey from unthinkable personal tragedy as a child to a life of defeating the odds in route to undeniable victory. “A Thousand Miles in my Shoes” is an inspirational memoir that all readers can relate to.

What is the main topic of your book?

It’s encouragement to rise above your circumstances.

Why did you choose this topic?

I choose this topic because I think it is important for people to know and recognize, that where you’re in your life right now is just temporary and the moment you decide to make a change or to make a better life for yourself, that is the moment when the actual change will begin. It’s a mindset.

How is your book a solution to the needs of others?

I think that my book is a book that will help others see that you can change your life for the better regardless of how your life began.

What inspired you to write your book?

What inspired me to write my book was the fact that I began meeting several people who have experienced some of the same life experiences I had experienced. Meeting those people made me realize that I need to share my story. I have so many chapters to my life that make it easy for me to related to others on so many different levels.

Does your personal experiences relate to your book? If so, how?

Yes, my book is a memoir about my life. Age 5 to Age 35.

What happened in your life at age 5?

At the age of 5, I lost my mother and sister by a drunk driver.

What can you tell others that have experienced tragedies in their life? 

No one is exempt from life’s sudden reversals of fortune. If one overarching theme exists in this fascinating story, it is that God’s omniscience is greater than any tragedy we will ever face. After reading, “A Thousand Miles in My Shoes,” you will be able to overcome, grow, forgive, and experience unimaginable breakthroughs.

Excerpt about, “A Thousand Miles in My Shows”

It was a few days before Halloween and the October nights seem colder than usual this year. The night sky seemed darker than usual; there was not a star in sight. It was almost 11pm and Linda had secured her girls in her 1984 Cavalier. Autumn was wide awake in the front passenger seat. Secured in her car seat, Brittany was fast asleep. Stephanie was not fully awake, she was half asleep.

Linda was eager to pick up her husband from his graveyard shift at work and get her daughters back home and put them to bed. Linda didn’t particularly care to have her kids out this late, but the arrangement that she had with her husband was working for now! As Linda drove along the highway, who knows what this young mother of 28 was thinking. Perhaps she was thinking of how well she was doing in life. She had 3 adorable girls, a husband, a career, good health, and a great family. What more could a woman want!

And then the unexpected happens! Out of nowhere! Bright Lights Flashed in Linda’s eyes. Please stop! It was too late! There was an ungodly sound of metal upon metal. Flashing lights, sirens everywhere!

Where can others by your book?

My book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & my Website.

Hardship to Entrepreneurship

Stephanie C. White had hardships that gave way to stumbling blocks that kept her in survival mode after losing her mother and older sister by a drunk driver at the age of 5.  This shattered her life and held her back from a victorious road.  Later, she turned in a direction leading to an authentic self-discovery.  Stephanie C. White realized the gift of creativity she held within and began serving to others by putting together events.  She stated, “Entrepreneurship is for me!” 

Stephanie White Events, LLC creates unforgettable and memorable events for their clients.  Stephanie C. White is the Managing Director and Lead Event Planner for Stephanie White Events, LLC.  She has experience in coordinating a variety of events, ranging from weddings to workshops since 2006.  Stephanie C. White’s goal for her company is to help her clients plan events and to help young women make life and career goals in their lives.

Here’s advice given from a woman who had an unthinkable personal tragedy as a child to a life of defeating odds in route to undeniable victory.

  • Whatever business you decide to start, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about doing and/or enjoy doing.
  • Networking is a huge key to success.
  • Seeking training and/or a mentor is needed to build your skill set for your business.

About Stephanie C. White

Stephanie C. White resides on the western shore of Maryland. She has a BS in Business Administration from the
University of Maryland Eastern Shore and a MS in Management with Marketing from the University of Maryland University College.

In September 9, 2017, Stephanie completed a certificate in event planning from the International Association of
Professions Career College. (IAP) and then became a member of the International Association of Professional
Event Planners.

The Event Planning firm, Stephanie White Events, LLC located in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area was established by the Managing Director & Lead Coordinator, Stephanie C. White.

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