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“Our process and expertise of curating an event is delivered through innovative ways where we incorporate art x music x culture x technology. We simply do not accept all clients, they must align with our core values around social impact.”                                                                      – Mollie Q. Coleman

High Caliber Events is a creative agency focused on experiential and digital marketing in the multicultural space. I was able to get some time with her to explain what she does and how she is making an impact. Small-business owners like Mollie are making a difference in the DMV social landscape. Her business is a balance of business acumen & creative energy. Her strategies help big-business initiatives engage with the culturally-diverse population of the DMV.

*Mollie is also a successful business and leadership coach. Mollie’s coaching events and workshops assist companies and individuals seeking transformation.
Below are some of the questions from our conversation:


What is special about High Caliber Events? 

We carefully align our agency with clients that want to execute meaningful marketing campaigns through events and digital marketing. We focus on creating a voice for the culturally relevant initiatives that brands generally don’t understand. Our process and expertise of curating an event is delivered through innovative ways where we incorporate art x music x culture x technology. We simply do not accept all clients, they must align with our core values around social impact.



DC Life Magazine lists you as a “DMV Businesswoman To Know”, what are your networking objectives in 2020?

We want to connect with new business leaders in DC and share a new accelerator program initiative with Street Entrepreneurs (a local non-profit).


How does your company help individuals and businesses?

Companies and individuals looking for marketing & branding or to refresh your brand or if you are looking for growth then I am that hired gun that you want to partner with to build a strategy.



What upcoming projects are working on?

Festivals & Major Events:
Alchemy in South Africa in May
Art Exhibition in Zambia in May
Midnite BBQ in DC in September
Universal Pictures movie production in September
Women’s Retreat & Workshop in Costa Rica in October
CMX x BrijX: I am a co-founder of BrijX. We partner and run corporate innovation x ecosystem development workshops for companies that are looking to build and scale their community.


What past projects did you work on?

Several with companies such as Complex Media, Under Armour, Nike, BlackBerry, American Express, Afropunk, Noirbnb


What 2020 business goals can our network help you to reach?
$1MM in client revenue
Speak on 10 panels or conferences
Lock-in Steph Curry for the Charity Golf Classic (TBD)
Execute 50 small local events per month through my business
Enroll 1,000 entrepreneurs into the Street Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program
Conduct 10 innovate workshops in 2020


What is one of your favorite things about being a business owner in Washington, DC (metro area)?

The community is impact-driven in creating opportunities for the underrepresented. There are still expansive opportunities here in DC.



Lastly, give us the name a favorite place in Washington, DC, and why?

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Author Eugene Smith is the creative director of several online publications and a cultural-diversity author. He designs media and branding strategies to make an impact on the global community. Eugene uses his diverse background and upbringing to showcase cultural diversity through art, cuisine, music, and fashion with a passion for people and life.

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