1. What inspired you to plan your first event, Divergent: Unmasked Fashion Show?

My inspiration behind my first fashion show in the DMV, Divergent: Unmasked was solely on watching all the other fashion shows that were all the same.  I pride myself and my company on not only thinking outside the box, but imagining there is no box at all.  My vision came to me last year about 2AM, and it was storming and raining.  I was watching Divergent (the movie) and said out loud, “I can do this on the runway” and did!

  1. You own a modeling academy in Atlanta, GA called, Stampede School of Modeling, why do you choose to hold your fashion shows in Washington, DC?

I started my modeling academy, Stampede School of Modeling in Atlanta Ga in 2014 while living there. Once I relocated to DC in 2016 for work purposes, I chose to bring my mastery teaching to the DMV because I saw it was something that was lacking. I actually have bought SSM to the DC area.  I currently hold classes in the Arts District in the Brooklawn area of the city.  If I can, or when I can have a school in every state, I will.

  1. After you visualized your fashion show event and prepared the logistics, how long was the planning process for the first fashion show?  Did it take you approximately the same time frame for this upcoming event, 007: The Assassin Fashion Show?

Planning one of my fashion shows/productions normally take approximately 3 months at tops.  I have been doing logistics and planning and producing fashion shows for a little over a decade.  My 2017 event in DC took approximately six months because we have never hit this market or demographics. However, here, we are a year later and it took my team and I, three months to put together 007 Fashion Show and we are SO ready.

  1. Your creative team helped you make your fashion show last year a success.  Behind closed doors, what were the pros and cons with your team and the models involved in the event?

My team is definitely a force to be reckoned with among their peers in the industry.  They keep me grounded and they believe in my “crazy” visions.  Our team isn’t all peaches and cream, we challenge each other, push each other and sometimes they don’t go down without a fight.  As odd as it may sound, when it comes to shows, they allow me to be “great” lol. They take my vision and make it possible.  As far as the models in our shows, they respect me as a teacher, person, mentor and businessman and that’s why they nicknamed me “Coach.” They believe in me and I am stern, fair and honest with them.

  1. What was one of your spectacular moments that happened during last year’s fashion show?

My most spectacular moment from the 2017 event was seeing models execute the opening choreography.  We practiced that the day of the show and they nailed it.  There were some flaws but they delivered and I was proud.  I must say another spectacular moment was the turn out. As I stated earlier, Themis was SSM first time in the DMV market and we had a line and a sold out event.  I could not have been more pleased.

  1. Do you plan on having fashion shows on an annual basis? If so, how do you intend for a fashion show to grow for the better each year?

Stampede plans a annual fashion show no matter what city or state we are in.  If there is a venue and people, there will be a show.  As Founder/Creative Director I yearn for each show to get better and bigger.  I currently have 9 shows in my “Artistic Journal” that need to come to life.  I add on them daily and when the time comes, the world will see them first hand.

  1. You have an event, 007: The Assassin Fashion Show this Saturday March 17, 2018 to be held at the Washington Hilton Hotel, 1919 Connecticut Avenue, Northwest, Washington, DC 20009.  Can you give us an inside clue of what’s going to happen at this fashion show that no one knows about yet? 

The 007: Assassin Fashion Show being held on March 17, 2018 in Washington, DC is going to be EPIC.  We have a dynamic opening called, “The Getaway” and the second have us called “The Assassin”.  You will expect flips, cartwheels, American and European runway styles.  It will be a show to keep you on the edge.  Get ready!

  1. What pros and cons did you encounter at last year’s fashion show?

Every event has it’s ups and downs and we have had our share.  Some pros from our 2017 show was the turnout, the level of professionalism from the models, as well as the donations we were able to give to our two selected organizations. Our cons were the timing of some designers, the layout of the venue and parking.  I will say, all three of our cons have been fixed and faced for our 2018 event.

  1. How did you plan the upcoming event, 007: The Assassin Fashion Show differently this year to offset the cons you experienced last year?

My team and I have long nights and early mornings making sure that all the cons were faced.  I have met with the amazing catering and events team at the Washington Hilton Hotel several times to assure logistically everything would be great. We have added a handful more of staff to assure the flow and backstage.  We are ready!

  1. Please tell us any great happenings planned for 007: The Assassin Fashion Show.

I want to share so much with you and your readers about our 007: The Assassin Fashion Show but it would be a spoiler.  It’s THE event you just have to see first hand.  It’s THE event that if you miss, you’ll regret it deeply.  I will just say this, it’s more than a show you will see, it’s a production and you’ll be able to give back to two phenomenal organizations, Child Brain Injury Research and Breast Cancer Survivors Fund.  Just grab a seat and hold on.

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