Breaking up is difficult enough for anyone to do, nobody wants to always go through a huge scene in which there’s plenty of crying along with pleading. To get the best approach to go through a relationship break up and making it as simple as possible on the two of you, here are some tips.

Most likely when you’re all set to end the relationship, you already had those enough emotional scenes that you may always remember and simply can’t confront the thought of one more. That’s why some individuals consider the (tacky) way of leaving a voice mail or perhaps using a text message to break up. Despite the fact that it is easy to understand that you just want to prevent another scene, it is a bad approach to end a relationship.
There’s a middle ground by the way, somewhere in between a tacky SMS and a complete emotional strike:

1. To begin with, make sure you really want to break up. Now’s not the best time for being wishy-washy. Have some thoughts and never get it done sporadically or else you could wind up regretting it and eating what you’re saying to your partner. However, once you have made up your thoughts, have a day or possibly even longer for getting your mind with it. Once the time arrives you need to be relaxed and strong and allowing yourself the perfect time to accomplish that.

2. Since you have decided that a separation is the best action to take and you have got used to it, tend not to pull it out permanently. Determine the perfect time and location, and try to make it sooner, to have ‘that talk’ along with your partner. When selecting the perfect time and place you need to pick a time where you could take time and explain things. Never tell your own closest friend or someone else until you speak with your partner, you don’t need a person to slip up and mention something before you have had an opportunity to speak to your partner, and the news must come from you.

With regards to the location, there are two schools of thought. A lot of people highly recommend a cafe or restaurant or an area that is public to help keep the scenario to a minimum at least. Whilst others believe that this kind of conversation must be dealt with in private so your soon-to-be-ex does not have an added embarrassment of breaking down in public places. For me, except in cases where I’m afraid for my personal safety, I’d personally choose the non-public location. I believe that your own partner still deserves that kind of respect.

3. Never go for any buildup if in case both of you meet each other. Say the things that you want to say and then get out. Make it clear by explaining how you come up with the decision and why. Just explain and never justify things because it’s a decision coming from you. Always be compassionate but firm and don’t waver. Allow them to talk in case they want, however just for a short time. It will not do anything good to take a seat and have a long talk. In case they’ve got something to say, let them be. However, if it is just one long try to convince you, you must pull the plug.

4. After you have done the action, just leave. Never give them a call and do not answer their calls either. It might seem harsh but it is even worse when you give mixed signals and talk with them if perhaps you seriously don’t want them in your life. It is best for the two of you to simply move on with life.
A relationship break up is not an enjoyable thing to endure, but when you need to do it, get it done with compassion, and as quickly as it can be. It is the best thing for the two of you.

Written by Alex Wise