Periscope: An apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight.

That’s the definition that comes from the Oxford dictionary. So how far off from the truth is the actual definition of ‘periscope’ versus the newest groundbreaking social media platform/app that bears the same name?

It’s pretty darn close.

Periscope is the live video streaming app that has recently been making headlines everywhere you turn. This app allows us to take a peek into the everyday flavors and interesting lives that each and every one of us lives all over the world, in real time. If you are curious about what it’s like in Paris today, you are now able to tune into a broadcast from the city of love at this very instant.

In early 2015, Periscope was acquired by Twitter for $100 million as Twitter foresaw the marketing weapon that Periscope is and will grow up to be.


Photo: Danijel Berkovic

Simply tune into the periscope and you’ll clue in on live videos streaming from people at festivals, speeches that are being given, people sharing knowledge and even riots from troubled corners of the world, all of which are being covered by folks who want to be heard. These are the ones that want their voice to matter. It’s almost as if one is now given a unique opportunity to employ themselves in their own news anchor profession from square one.

So now, I question the future of society and the overall acceptance of Periscope as the lead social network some years from now after it has catapulted to the level of Facebook (possibly). I wonder if all the live streaming that we will partake in on a daily basis will influence a world full of broader cultural acceptance to the speed of actually seeing things happening through our own eyes. Not just through status updates or pictures, but through watching those that are more fortunate lend a helping hand to those on the streets that are less fortunate. Picture this: you’re viewing a man at this very moment in Chicago literally giving the shirt off his back to a man in an alley who bears a cold, weathered face.


Amanda Tress, Periscope professional Photo: Immerse Photography

Social media and Periscope expert Amanda Tress, who holds seminars around the United States on how to get the most out of your presence online by building your personal brand, took some time to speak with us and fill us in on what she knows about this hot new app and how to use it to maximize your real potential.

DC LIFE MAGAZINE: You are an expert within social media, Periscope in particular. Give us a little background on yourself and how this all came to be.

AMANDA TRESS: I started a fit pregnancy and parenting blog,( several years ago for my fitness business. I maintained the blog as a hobby while I worked full time as a web marketing specialist. 1 month before my second child was born (2.5 years ago), I decided to step down from my full-time job in digital marketing and start my own marketing business helping other entrepreneurs with their social media and digital marketing efforts. I work primarily with fitness professionals and/or small business owners across the world. It’s been amazing to combine my passion for wellness and my expertise in digital marketing. 
DC: What is Periscope and what makes it unique in the vast world of social media?
AT: Periscope is brand new as of early 2015 and it’s an app that features live streaming video. We are now able to be more transparent and authentic on a social media platform than ever before! This is a smart and more authentic sort of marketing that gives followers the ability to connect on a deeper level best fit for conversion and even better than Twitter or Facebook.
 DC: How many current users are there on Periscope?
AT: It’s been announced that Periscope has roughly 20 million accounts, a mere seven and a half months after launch.
DC: If someone, or a small business, is looking to garner a following on social media, how can Periscope help them succeed?

Amanda Tress Photo: Immerse Photography

AT: One needs to be sure to cross-promote with other social media. For example, if a small business has a Facebook, most people won’t find it organically. But Twitter and Periscope are linked because of the Twitter acquisition. Twitter followers can see that they are scopers and in turn, more potential traffic is gained.

DC: What do hearts mean on the Periscope App?
AT: Listeners are able to give “hearts” to scopes by simply tapping on their phone screen during a live broadcast or replay. The hearts appear on the right side of the screen during a live broadcast and also accumulate – appearing as a total number of hearts in the user’s profile. Giving hearts is an easy way to show support for fellow scopers on Periscope.
DC: How often should someone scope?
AT: I recommend that users scope at least once per day. I do not let 24 hours go by without sharing a valuable tip or broadcasting my “business card scope” directing users to my website to learn more about my products and services. It’s important to be both present and consistent on Periscope.
DC: Why should we all get connected and believe that periscope is the newest step forward in the information age?
AT: Periscope is the present tense of media leverage. Small business and people themselves have the ability to double their revenue and exposure since it is where all the millennials are finding themselves settling. People are getting tired of all the ads and they are looking for something less regulated and positive for small business.
DC: What type of content should you scope about?
AT: It’s important to implement smart, authentic marketing on Periscope for your small business. If you’re hoping to increase qualified leads for your business, be sure to share valuable content on a regular basis. I like to think through the common pain points for people in my niche market and consider how to solve their problems or prevent my followers from future pain. I also regularly poll my followers on IG (@fitparenting) or FB private pages to see what they are hoping to learn from my scopes. This provides me with great insight about what my users are resonating with from my brand and how to organize my broadcast calendar moving forward.
DC: An artist  (and that could entail a musician, actor, writer, painter for example) wants to tap into the best resources for their exposure. How could they benefit from using periscope?

With periscope, current happenings are easily broadcast in real time Photo:

AT: Let’s use a Musician for example. This person can build a following even more powerfully than before. In other words, more good musicians are able to bless people with their music. I recall a musician really late on a Friday night playing his guitar and singing as he was accepting any song request for $25 and would play it right now in real time. In an hour, this musician made $125! People are so excited and continue to request song after song to share with their followers as a said musician continues to use their passion as a service.

DC: Who are your current favorite scopers?
AT: Kimra Luna (@kimraluna), she is 100 percent herself and she shares valuable tips for online marketing, specific marketing that drives a lot of traffic. She has blue hair and a very opinionated way of saying things which makes her popular because she is being herself, no apologies. Also, Kely Olexa, (@kellyolexa) provides consistent, valuable, and motivational content related to marketing, business, branding, and much more. I walk away from her scopes feeling inspired to leverage the power of social media to do good in the world.
DC: This is the most Star Trek-ish social media platform that I have heard of yet. Have you thought of bringing your expertise to comic-con conventions to entice the masses of Spock impersonators yet?
AT: (Playing along) Not yet but a great idea, I will have to start looking into that one!
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