Online Dating Statistics

An offering of some online dating statistics intended to start a conversation. What does it all mean?

Online Dating Service Statistics

Statistics compiled by Alex Grenon

One in five singles in serious relationships has met online.

One in five singles has dated online.

2009 17% married couples meet online.

Average courtship for a couple meeting offline approximately 42 months.

Average courtship for couples meeting online about 18.5 months.

Most committed same religion marriages: Catholics (78%), Mormons (83%) and Hindus (90%).

Largest in the world online daters are inChina140 million.

Chinese men in the military not allowed to use online services.

America has approximately 40 million online daters.

In the USA approximately 1,400 online dating sites.

The average age for marriage among women 26 years and men 28 years.

2008- New Jersey created the Internet Dating Safety Act and in

2010- New York passed a similar bill. New York requires online services to provide dating safety tips and criminal background checks required of members.

Online dating services worldwide are worth billions.

Nationally, 31.7 living along are 27% of households.

In 1960 87% of women 35-44 years were married.

In 1960 88% of men, 35-44 years were married.

In 2007 72% of women 35-44 were married.

In 2007 69% of men, 35-44 were married.

61% unmarried Americans 18 years and older never married, 24% divorced and 15% widowed.

Approximately 16.2 million unmarried in USA 65 years and older.

Baby boomers in Canada ages 46 to 64 years 41% have tried online dating.

2009 there were 12 million single parents living with children.

Interracial marriage in the USA approximately 7%.

Online dating increased in 2009 but there was a drop in marriage that same year.

Recession starting in 2008 the divorce rate fall in 2009.

In USA Online dating traffic between 2009 and 2010 increased by 13%.

It is estimated that Australia will see a 10% increase in online dating by 2010.

Unemployment rate Match 2011 9.2%.

In 2010 the percentage of women that made more money than their spouses was 22% compared to 4% in 1970.

In 2009, 18 years or older 12 million single parents living with children.

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