To all my single friends out there – have you ever felt frustrated with dating these days? Do you dislike the concept of having to meet someone through a dating app? Would you rather meet someone “organically?” Or, perhaps you want to meet someone in person but don’t even remember how that happens anymore because everyone seems to be interacting behind the phone? Well, if you answered yes to any or all of the above, you might want to continue reading.

If you said “yes” to the choice of meeting someone in person, as oppose to through a dating app, you make up the 95% who share the same sentiment. According to a Singles Survey conducted by SeatGeek, a company that sells millions of tickets to live events, there are particular preferences to where singles are looking to make moves.

Any guesses on the place voted most popular preference to meet other singles? The correct answer is…drum roll…a concert!

Below are some additional key findings. These key findings were pulled directly from the survey report in which 1,000 users were surveyed on dating:

  • Single men and women agree they would rather meet potential partners at concerts – 61%, comedy shows – 43% or a baseball game – 37% instead of the bars.
  • Bars skewed even lower for men than women, with only 4% of men looking to meet women at the bars.
  • Men 54% and women 55% agree that the best-looking people tend to be at concerts, with the following shows listed as having the best-looking crowds: Coachella, Florida Georgia Line, Bonnaroo and Luke Bryan.
  • In 2017, single women 87% and men 70% plan to hit up the concert scene this year, making it a prime place for potential love with the most singles planning to see Kings of Leon, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruno Mars, Dear Evan Hansen, Norah Jones and Coldplay.
  • Both women 55% and men 52% agree that concerts have the most attractive fans.

Paul Brunson – Mentor, entrepreneur, author, and spokesman for SeatGeek as the “modern-day matchmaker,” believes there are three major reasons as to why concerts were the most preferred choice:

1.  Values – the type of event you attend is somewhat indicative of your life values. For example: going to a comedy show could indicate that you value humor in your life.
2.  Opportunity – you get to really see what someone looks like. Physical attractiveness will always rank high in dating.
3.  Cost – because live events are expensive. Single folks want someone who is financially secure. Chances are if you can afford live event tickets, you have at least some source of income.

But aside from concerts, there are other places (not the bar) you can resort to in order to make moves. Question is, are you willing to put in the time and effort?

Paul suggests sticking to live events. A sporting event is a good example. And if you’re feeling determined, Paul also suggests upgrading to VIP to interact with a smaller group of people, increasing your chances of making a connection.

Another example is a volunteering event (this won’t cost you a thing, and you’re giving back regardless of the outcome). “In terms of intensity, volunteering may require several hours of participation, but in those hours, you stand a high probability of connecting in a meaningful way with your co-volunteers.”

Okay, so now that you have an idea of where to go to make moves, how exactly do you make them?

One thing is for sure – showing up is simply not enough! And what’s worse is excessively using your phone when you do show up. Also, reported from the survey, 73% percent of people want someone interested in them to be bold and introduce themselves. Good news, that means you don’t necessarily have to worry about coming off as a creeper when approaching a stranger. With that said, put those phones away! There is a world outside of social media you could be missing out on.

Apparently, 40% find taking selfies is a major turn off. I guess it’s safe to assume the likelihood of being approached while you are caught up in taking that “perfect selfie” is lower. “If your interest is to increase your chances of a romantic connection, remember two words: No selfies.”

At a minimum, 64% of people agree making eye contact and smiling is a good start to get things rolling. This traditional approach has successfully worked for many people in the past, just ask your parents. So, whether you are at an outdoor event, a venue, or at a coffee shop, if someone intrigues your interest, encourage yourself to initiate conversation. Think about it this way – you are maximizing your chances of ever speaking to that person again by almost 100%.

Now that you have a better idea of where to go to meet fellow singles, and how to go about doing so, the next step is to try it out! Spring and summer are around the corner, which means there will be countless opportunities to attend live shows, make fun memories, and take a shot at finding love. SeatGeek is featuring some of hottest shows coming to DC. Check out the website for a complete list.

And, if you want more expert advice on how to find the love you want, pick up Paul’s book, It’s Complicated (But it Doesn’t Have to be).’  He describes it as a roadmap to finding committed love for anyone at any age.

Happy hunting to all my singles ladies and men!