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Wine night, while a cherished tradition among friends, can sometimes slip into the realm of the predictable. The routine of uncorking a bottle, exchanging casual conversations, and nibbling on the usual assortment of cheeses and crackers can gradually lose its sparkle.

Don’t settle for a lackluster evening. You and your girls deserve a night of creativity, delicious food, and incredible memories. Try out these ideas to revamp wine night for a girls’ night.

Arrange a Painting Station for Wine Night

Unleash your inner artist by combining wine with a fun painting session. Set up easels, canvases, paints, and brushes, and follow along with a step-by-step painting tutorial. Sipping on wine while creating art can be incredibly therapeutic and inspiring. Plus, you’ll have unique artwork to commemorate the special evening.

Create Personalized Flower Bouquets

Not everyone is artistic. A wonderful way to let guests create without the pressure of natural artistic abilities is to make their own flower bouquets.

Supply an assortment of florals and greenery. Roses, baby’s breath, sweet peas, and dahlias are some of the most beautiful blooms for bouquets. Guests will adore this memorable keepsake to adorn their homes after the event.

Wine Night Customized Trivia Game

Games keep the fun going long throughout the night, and trivia is a competitive and fun way to enliven wine night. Instead of playing a generic trivia game with categories that no one knows, tailor the game to your group’s interests.

Before the event, compile a list of trivia questions that span a variety of categories, such as pop culture, movies, literature, or even personal anecdotes that only your circle would know. You can use online resources or trivia board games as inspiration, but personalize the content to ensure it resonates with your friends.

Don’t forget to offer an expensive bottle of wine as the ultimate prize and a few treats for the runners-up. This activity will spark laughter and enjoyment for the whole group.


Serve Themed Dishes for the Night

Revamp wine night for a girls’ night in by serving dishes that complement your evening’s activities or chosen wine varieties. For instance, if you’re sampling Italian wines, prepare a spread of Italian antipasti like bruschetta, olives, and a variety of cheeses. Alternatively, select a theme such as “A Night in Paris” and serve French delicacies like mini quiches, cheese platters, and macarons.

Encourage your guests to bring a dish that matches the theme. This distributes the workload and adds an element of surprise and excitement as each guest reveals their culinary contribution.

Gift Your Guests With Tasteful Wine Bags

Before your guests depart, don’t let them leave empty-handed. For unused or traded wine, gift reusable wine bags so that your guests can safely transport their bottles home.

Choose from a variety of designs, ranging from chic and sophisticated to whimsically themed bags. This gesture leaves your guests with a beautiful, eco-friendly souvenir that they can bring to the next event.

It’s time to toast to more evenings filled with friendship, fun, and fabulous wine. Trying these fresh ideas will rejuvenate excitement for wine night once again.