With a 140 year history as a leader in home security, the experts at ADT are the ultimate source for advice to keep your home and family safe. They compiled a list of the Top 5 Safety Tips to give you and your family peace of mind as you brave the unpredictable winter weather.

Tip 1: Install and update alerts – If you haven’t found time to replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors recently, then be sure to do so now. If the batteries are in good order, check that each detector is working by pressing the test button monthly. You should have detectors in every bedroom in the house, as well as one on each floor according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Tip 2: Get smart, get safe – Amidst all these safety warnings, now is the time to upgrade your home security system. With a system like ADT Pulse, users can keep an eye on their home no matter where they are, especially in the case of canceled flights or travel due to winter conditions. With Pulse, users can unlock doors, view real-time camera footage and remotely disable alarms, as well as adjust thermostats and turn on and off home appliances. Plus, with 24/7 monitoring, homeowners can rest assured knowing that, if their home or family is in danger, ADT can automatically dispatch assistance and send alerts.

Tip 3: Practice safe heating practices – When the temperatures drop, it’s easy to resort to quick fixes like space heaters to keep warm. Avoid fire risk altogether by choosing safer routes. Those include turning up the temperature on your furnace, wearing heavier layers of clothing or switching on your fireplace. Space heaters can be used but should be placed in the middle of a room and far away from any fabric items like rugs, curtains or furniture. Also, be sure to never leave a space heater unattended.

Tip 4: Prep the fridge and pantry – As authorities issue continued warnings about winter weather, shoppers scramble to stock up on groceries to be prepared to brave the storm indoors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends keeping a week’s worth of food including water, canned foods or foods that don’t require cooking. Don’t forget a non-electric can opener!

Tip 5: Set up a safety plan – Establish a family safety plan so everyone knows how to act and where to go during a time of emergency. For example, discuss when it’s appropriate – and safe – to call 911, plan and review safe evacuation routes for every room in the house and pick a location where the family should meet outside the home in case of a fire or carbon monoxide alarms sounding.


Awareness is the key to making your home more safe this winter. With this awareness, you can take precautions to help protect your home and family. For additional safety tips and to learn about ADT Pulse, visit www.ADT.com.