Every home has one—the cozy corner or a tiny room that challenges our decorating creativity. This is especially true for residents of Washington, DC, where every square foot matters. For the most unique and practical upgrades to your city living space, check out our ideas for what to do to your home’s smallest room.

Turn It Into a Small Library

The charm of a home library is not just for people with sprawling estates. Even the snug quarters in DC townhomes can embrace cozy homes for literature. Transform your smallest room into a haven for your book collection.

Install wall-mounted shelves to maximize space, and add a cozy armchair with adequate lighting. Just don’t forget about temperature regulation, as books thrive best in a cooler environment. Fortunately, a small room is one of the best places to install a mini split system for thorough temperature control. Once your sanctuary is complete in design and amenities, you’ll have the perfect spot for escaping into the pages of your favorite novels without needing to set foot outside your home.

Make It a Plant Room

House plants

Imagine returning from a bustling DC day to a space filled with calming greenery. Even in an urban setting, your petite room can become a lush plant room, especially if it has a window! Even if it’s windowless, you can infuse life into the otherwise dreary space with some greenery and grow lights.

Select a variety of houseplants that will thrive in your home’s lighting conditions—bright, low, or indirect light. Arrange the plants on different levels using stands, and hang pots to make the room feel like a verdant retreat.

Design Your Perfect Nap Nook

Convert the smallest room in your home into a nap nook to prioritize rest and relaxation. Consider a comfortable daybed with soft cushions, drapes to control the light if the room has windows, and maybe even a soft sound machine to encourage restfulness. Your nap nook will be the oasis you crave for a midday escape or weekend leisure.Your home’s smallest room doesn’t have to be a storage catch-all or an underutilized void. Use these ideas for what to do to the space to unlock new potential in your DC residence. By doing so, you’ll help balance bustling city life with your personal interests and comfort.