There’s nothing like ambiance to make productivity rise. It’s time to start fresh and take charge of the space around you. And what better way to start than by decorating your new place? Check out our go-to spots for fresh home decor inspiration.

We, as women, come to a point in life where we need to step out on our own. No, I’m not talking about the college years, where we decorate our dorm rooms to make the four years in a cubicle as comfortable as we can. I’m talking about the aftermath: once you’ve graduated from college, found your dream job, paid your car note without having your parents pay it, and (the ultimate walk into adulthood) living without a roommate. This means it’s time to start fresh and take charge of the space around you. And what better way to start than by decorating your new place? Now before running to those Target shopping carts, what if I told you there were other places to get the home décor you want? Better and more stylish places? Some of which you might be able to find in your local mall or online. Well, I’m here to tell you about the different stores in the DMV area that can cater to your home transformation needs. Some you may know, and some you might just want to get out of bed and take a look at in the city, or from your laptop.

If you have love light and pretty things and want your place to feel like a free-spirited dominion to wake up to, I suggest going to Anthropologie. The same girly and bright color palette they offer in their clothing transforms the same way into their home décor. They have everything from pastel colored plates and cups to floral lamps and crocheted pillows. The prices are not that pricey as well, with dishware starting from five dollars, to comforter sets starting at just seventy dollars. Not to mention, they always have different weekly sales and have a clearance section of supplies that are still wonderful for a lower cost. Also, keep in mind that a majority of the sets of items you choose from the store will always mix and match with other pieces, which will make coordinating nice and easy.

If you want to try something new, take a ride to Pennsylvania Avenue to check out a cute little store called M29 Lifestyle. Although it is mainly known as a clothing and accessories store, they still have a wide supply of knick-knacks you place around your house for decoration. Cute picture frames and pillows that say “Ooh La La” to give off that Paris theme you always wanted, or miniature figures and candles to show your youthful side. It is definitely worth checking out.

CB2 is not your average furniture store. Sure it may look like a miniature IKEA, but it has very high-quality furniture for great prices. Located in Georgetown on M Street, is a store that has very modern and stylish items that will appeal mainly to the youthful crowd (I’m talking more so the mid-20s to the early 30s crowd). Color coordinated displays show new ways to set up areas that can take up a lot of space, including shelves, lamps, and baskets. Very helpful when you need an idea on how to style that small studio apartment you bought on Capitol Hill.

All eclectic and art appreciative hipsters, please come forth. Urban Outfitters will provide you with the goods you need to make it through your next two years on a budget until you get a better job and place. If you already thought that UO has provided everything you needed to get by through college,(from clothes to vinyl records and vintage, well, anything) just wait until you see the different options they have for your apartment. Eye-popping prints for your bed set, tribal print carpets, wall art, and vintage knick-knacks can complete the artsy theme you have going on in your cellar of freedom.

Now, for the twenty-one-year-old women who still have to live with their best friends to pay the rent (it happens), you still have that hint of youthfulness that you want to show in your home. Take it back to the dorm-old-days. Well after all of that shopping you did yesterday, you really don’t feel like getting up the next morning to go furniture shopping. Try the totally hip and accessible one-stop shop, Dormify. It is an online company that sells everything from wall decals and rugs, to sorority posters and kitchenware to remember your sisters that have been through hell with you during pledging week. They even have some cute things that your boyfriend would want to put up on his wall.

Searching for the perfect items to decorate your dream home with is hard to do, but you don’t have to do it the boring way. You made your money the hard way, so you deserve to splurge it on items that will make you feel good about yourself and your space. Plus, you need the perfect place to bring your boyfriend home too late at night. Comment down below, and tell DC Life Magazine your favorite places to shop at for home décor.