Spring Cleaning by Storebukkebruse

The sun will come out… tomorrow (says the meteorologists)!!! We already saw Spring making its return last Sunday as snow mounds all over the DC metro area began to melt away. Though the first day of Spring is a couple of weeks away, it’s helpful to make a head start on thoroughly cleaning your home. Here are some tips to shake the winter off your home as spring makes a quick step forward.

Refresh your home with a fresh palette by using vibrant colors. A room can come alive with a simple switch of scenery, such as a centerpiece of fresh flowers, a couple of new accent pillows, or a change of dinneware.

Don’t get overwhelmed with spring cleaning. Instead, consider doing something small everyday that will significantly reduce the amount of stress that goes into deep cleaning your home. Quickly go through each room in the house with a basket at hand, and everything out of place goes into the basket. FUN TIP: Gamify it! Use the timer function in your phone, set it to five minutes, and race to remove all the clutter disappear during the countdown.

As you put away freshly laundered clothes, remove those unworn items and donate them to the local homeless shelter. Same goes for the kids’ clothes, books and toys. Bless others with once-loved items, and make room for future purchases.

For seasonal clothing, move those bulky winter items into vaccum-sealable storage bags. They’ll stay fresh until the vacuum breaks open for next winter, and the bags will save space for easy storage.

Pay for help. Don’t hesitate to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner! Think of all those dust bunnies, fur and hair balls you no longer have to bend over to clean, not to mention the clean floor space under your furniture! It may cost over $300, but this piece of equipment will have your back and your calendar thanking you for it over the years.

Multitasking to the rescue! A quick search on Pinterest can save you lots of time and money when it comes to just about everything, but especially for cleaning solutions. The best multitask items found are the Magic Cleaner, Baking Soda, White Distilled Vinegar, and Dr. Bronner’s Soap. Make cleaning easier by incorporating tools that can be used is more than one or two ways.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful, fun, and liberating. Let us know what cleaning strategies you use in the comments below.