Luxury cars deserve to be stored in the most luxurious garages possible. When it comes to the super-rich, no expenses are spared in the construction of their luxury garages. From floor to ceiling, these garages are constructed with the very best materials and craftsmanship. These garages below are some of the most luxurious garages in the world owned by some of the most enthusiastic car collectors around.

Jay Leno’s Garage

One of the most well-known garages in the world belongs to celebrity Jay Leno. This garage has a TV show, a full staff of mechanics, and is larger than most car dealership showrooms. Jay Leno will be remembered as one of the most famous car collectors of all time.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Garage

Many critics and fans alike believe that Jerry Seinfeld helped to create one of the most successful shows of all time. He has used his massive earnings to create the world’s most extensive Porsche collection. His garage comes complete with a game room, kitchen, and living space. For just about $500,000, (26001h 3m) you could replicate this garage. However, filling it garage up with cars would cost much more on top of the initial investment.

John Travolta`s Garage

When you have 15 cars and two airplanes, you need to make sure that you have a massive garage that can accommodate this type of transportation. A 1.4-mile long runway is also connected to this garage which allows Travolta to take off and land his airplanes as he pleases. It is unsure just how much this massive garage costs, but there are estimates around $2 (0h 7m) million.

Ralph Lauren’s Garage

If you are into vintage Ferraris, this is the garage for you. The stylish fashion mogul takes his fashion sense all the way from his clothes to the cars he collects. With a price tag of $1 (0h 4m).7 million, it is easy to see that Lauren didn’t spare any expense on this luxurious garage. The two-floor garage resembles some of the most luxurious museums in the world with beautiful architecture. Apparently, he only pays a visit few times per year. Damn shame.

En-Suite Sky Garage

When you are looking for a beautiful garage, you usually aren’t going to find them paired with your luxury apartment. However, one architect in New York decided to change this. The En-Suite Sky Garage is a state of the art car elevator that a mobile garage. Tenants and their cars will be lifted from the ground level right to their personal luxury apartment. This is one of the biggest advancements in garage technology yet.

Creating your own piece of heaven

When you are looking to create a luxury garage in your own home, you may not have a few million dollars in your construction budget. However, there are inexpensive ways to make your garage a remarkable one while adding value to your home. Understanding what you want out of your garage is the first step toward creating a luxury garage you can be proud of. Sketching out ideas and writing out some goals will be a great first step to creating the luxury garage of your dreams.

Starting with a great floor for your garage can make all of the difference. Whether you choose a tile floor or a material that is more luxurious, you will be able to set the mood of your garage easily with the type of material you use. There are many companies that specialize in custom garage flooring that will be able to give you a great deal on your garage floor.
There are many homes that have a small apartment above the garage. This can be a great place for your teenagers or adult children to call home while they are starting their careers or finishing school. A garage apartment will add a great deal of value to your home as well. Renting out this apartment to local students or professionals could also be a great way to earn some additional income each month.

One of the most important parts of a garage is the door that you choose. This will give your home the right type of curb appeal that you need. A simple trick is to pick a door with the nice wooden finish – it instantly gives off a feeling of luxury. With all this in place, you too will have a garage that you’re proud of. It may not have Ferraris inside, but who needs them, anyway?!