For the fearless gals who aren’t scared of mixing prints and patterns or letting their imagination run wild, here are a few tips and tricks to turn your space into a gypsy’s paradise.

The Bohemian-Chic craze has swept the fashion nation, leaving ladies clad in kimonos, bell-bottoms, and floppy hats. While these styles may not be conducive to the office or everyday life – unless Coachella is your permanent residence – it is possible to outfit your home to represent the boho chic style you secretly wish you could sport daily. Bohemian style is rooted in artsy details, eclectic furniture pieces and of course, ethnic and personal touches. Bohemian inspired rooms feature bright but warm colors, funky patterns, and quirky art pieces.

Spice up your room with interesting rugs, heavy drapery and lots of pillows for an exotic feel. Minimalism is a non-existent concept for bohemian home styles so don’t be afraid to mix up different fabrics with fur, wood and even wrought iron. Throw some greenery in the mix with potted plants and hanging vines. However, the most important factor for your boho room is you: show your individuality with personal touches and old repurposed stuff. For example, that old family quilt you thought you had no use for could make a fabulous throw for a couch and contribute to the rustic and vintage feeling you want your boho-inspired room to have. Be carefree and unusual with your choices, and remember – while bohemian style rooms share certain similarities, no two are ever the same!