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Some people may think that gardening is just a leisurely activity and is a simple way to grow beautiful flowers in the springtime. While that may be true, there are benefits to growing particular plants in your garden. I am talking about the benefits of home grown herbs. The simple task of implementing an herb section into any garden is only the base for all the benefits these plants will bring to your life.

Built-In Herb Garden
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It is so clear that there is an availability factor. Having herbs right outside your door, in your backyard garden, allows you to have those herbs at your fingertips. You can now make a spur-of-the-moment pesto sauce or a mint mojito any time you would like. Grow any and every herb you want and always have the benefit of them being quick to pick and quick to cook with. Cost is another factor that plays into the home-grown herbs benefit. When you purchase herbs from your local grocery store, you buy them once, for one meal, and then throw the rest away. When you find yourself continually doing this, you can see the effect it has on your wallet. When you grow your herbs at home, however, you buy the seeds or potted plants and have the herbs for months to come. The final, and most important, benefit of home-grown herbs is the nutritional value. When you buy herbs at the store, there is no way to tell how long they have actually been sealed inside of the bag. Therefore, you do not know how ripe or fresh the plant is. The longer the plant is sealed away, the more nutritional value that is lost. Having your plants grown in the comfort of your own garden allows you to have full control over how long the plants have been planted and how often it gets watered and tended to.

Boxed Herb Garden
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If you already have a green thumb, and even if you do not, you can be sure to reap all the herbal benefits from growing your own herbs. For many people it differs on the type of herb and the quantity of herbs they plant. However, most herbs are very simple to take care of. Some of the top selling herbs include basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme, and dill. Each of these will bring freshness to not only your gardens, but to your meals as well. It’s time to spice up your gardens and make room for the delicious and beneficial herb section this spring and summer.

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