As your move-in date approaches, it’s time to begin phase two: budgeting your move. After finding the perfect spot to call home, you must consider getting all your items from point A to point B. Creating a budget to help you prepare for the move will reduce stress and headaches.

Before you book the movers, buy moving supplies, and recruit your friends for helping hands, here are a few essential tips for planning your moving budget. This way, your move-in process is as smooth as possible.

Take Note of the Items You Have

Before you pack your items away, take inventory of the things you have. This way, you’ll know what you already have, what you need to purchase, and what you can give away. Make a list of these items to help you create a budget for the new purchases. This inventory list will also help you keep track of your items during the move so that you’ll know what to expect when re-opening your boxes.

Create an Emergency Fund

Moving can be expensive. Another essential tip to remember when planning your moving budget is to set money aside for emergencies. You never know what can happen between the time you get approved to your move-in date. With an emergency fund, you can get back on your feet financially and tackle other responsibilities.

Consider All of Your Moving Options

Numerous moving and truck rental companies pride themselves on having the best accommodation prices. However, before you book their services, you should consider all your options. This way, you’re not stuck with the first option you see and find a better one down the line.

When looking for services, consider how many items you’re moving, how big the things are, and how much help you need. If you don’t need much help, you can always recruit a few friends and pay them in pizza for their hard work.

Book these moving and rental services as soon as possible to get the best rate! The time of year you book can also affect the overall cost.