Arrange the Accessories Again

The simplest way to renew your home without breaking your pocket is by rearranging what all you have in your home. Start by collecting moveable accessories, such as throw pillows, frames, and bookends. Then sort the items by size and color, and arrange them creatively in the room. You can also take help from home makeover service and get a new look.

Add New Hardware and Fixtures

You can buy hardware for your living room cabinet or romantic lights for a bedroom and can see drastic improvement in these sections. It’s budget-friendly and can change the overall feel and appearance. Plus, you can buy wall hangings for living room or install metallic pulls in your bathroom to augment the beauty of home.

Fresh Paint

Most of the times, the word fresh paint creates a feeling of “oh no” that creeps in slowly. We know just how intricate and time-consuming painting a big room of the home can be. However, you can shun this fear by painting one wall of the room and that single wall will give your house a complete transformation.

Carve out Space for Some Peaceful Moments

Donate 2016 to self-reflection by transforming a serene corner into a fantasy-like room for some personal time. And you can do this without pouring out too much money on the makeover. Buy a small table and drape it with a beautiful piece of fabric. Then, add a candle and place colorful pillows on the floor to make time for yourself every day, says home interior service experts.

Move the Art Around

Finally, you’re frustrated with same old gallery walls in your room. We truly understand your irritation and pain. Well, your walls need a change. Hang large size paintings alone on a wall. However, if you’ve already fed up with this, try putting together the art pieces into a grouping.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Bid adieu to dull and dreary winter season—open the window panes. Don’t worry about the cool air. You just need to take away heavy drapes and blinds to infuse a fresh feeling into the room. Or if you don’t like to remove these, collect the small lights and bind them in a group. Now cover them with paper cones and hang them for an animated appearance.

Make a Feature Wall

Feature wall is a big hit amid homeowners. This is where you can unleash your creativity at the best. On this New Year, try a bit different. Cover one wall in frame of different patterns, styles and sizes. Make it more appealing by covering a wall with fun wallpaper or huge piece of art. So make your wall more interesting by using your imagination.

Make Changes in the Color Scheme

Pep up your favorite hue, modify with the latest trends or go bold and try a color you never thought. But the color should gel well with your home’s furnishings and furniture so you don’t have to change them. Undoubtedly this is an economical way to change the interior of your home.

Now integrate these tips and use your creativity to give your home a tempting look this new year.

Written by: Lynelle Thompson