Blinds can change the entire look of your sweet home. Blinds are the latest fashion which gives a new dimension to your house. They will make your family rejoice by adding fun and style to the old and simple windows and doors of your house. Your guest will be stunned by watching the lovely home decor. So, it is the right time to renovate your home with very simple yet fashionable process by just changing the curtains and adding blinds on the doors and the windows. You can change the look of your office too by switching into blinds.
Know the Blinds First
A blind is a type of curtain which covers the windows especially. The door blinds are now also available in the market. Usually in ancient times, Persians and Chinese used blinds to cover their windows from outside dust and pollutions.

Types of Blinds
There are many types of blinds that are available in the market now. The size, shape, alignment and the material are different in different kinds of blinds. Depending on your windows and doors, you can go for the horizontal or vertical blinds. The blinds are made up of metal, wood or plastic and tied up by a beautifully designed cord.
Types of Blinds as Per the Terminology
The blinds experts differentiate them according to their functions and specialty. The five different types of blinds are mentioned below.

  • Venetian blinds are usually made up of aluminum, wood or eco-wood or faux-wood. The slats can be set at an angle to regulate the amount of sunlight that comes inside. The stacks are neatly held together when the blinds are raised up.
  • Panel blinds are mounted by a track system which can glide from left to right. A panel provides the screen a piece of fabric or other materials. Panel blinds can be set on bigger windows or the sliding doors. They create an anti-glare screen which can allow as much as light needed inside.
  • Vertical blinds are quite similar to Venetian blinds as per the principle. The only difference is that the alignment of the slats is vertical. The function of the vertical blinds is same as that of the panel blinds.
  • Roman blinds are made of a fabric which gets folded when raised up because the slats are mounted by one piece of material. The pleats are created horizontally due to the fold. During cold months they provide better insulations by lowering all the way down.
  • Roller blinds are generally made up of fabrics or metals which can help the slats to easily roll up with the support of pre-loaded springs or chains. Due to the lack of slats, the blinds itself wrap up around an aluminum cylinder when they are generally raised up.

Different Room with Different Blinds
You should never apply the same kind of blinds all over the house. Try to use different types of blinds which go perfectly with your different rooms. Here are some tips to sort out your queries:

  • For living rooms go for the sunscreen roller blinds which allows natural light easily.
  • Eco wood or aluminum Venetian is the best option for kitchen purposes, as it is easy to clean up. You can choose sunscreen or standard roller blinds also.
  • Keep your privacy by blocking all kinds of light in the bedroom. Here roman roller blinds or block out roller blinds go best.
  • Due to heavy moisture in the bathroom, you should look for moisture resistant blinds like aluminum or Eco wood Venetian blinds.

These are some of the tips you should follow while choosing a blind for your home as well as an office or other places. Just give a fresh look to your rooms by renovating them.

Written by Mike Warner