The gift shop of the Four Seasons has much more to offer than DC memorabilia.

I walked past the alleyway twice before I realized where exactly M29 Lifestyle was. It’s not a bad location; the boutique is right in the middle of Georgetown, but it’s hidden compared to the Four Seasons Hotel from which it stands across. As I walked into M29 the store supervisor, Natascha, greets me. She answers my question before I can ask it: M29 is the gift shop of the Four Seasons. Now the location made sense, but I was confused when I heard I was in a gift shop. Let me assure you—there are no corny magnets or embarrassing T-shirts in the store. The Four Seasons Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the only locations to have a separately operating gift shop. While it does have some cute DC trinkets, such as stationery and hand towels, it’s mostly filled with clothing, jewelry, and home decor. The clothing is contemporary and relaxed—loose t-shirts from Calypso, summer scarves from Chan Luu and dresses perfect for exploring the district. Many of the clothes are made (somewhat) locally, such as a beautiful cashmere sweater from New York designer Marika Charles. There is a small men’s section with collared shirts and ties. The home decor includes ottomans, coffee table books, and candles. Natascha describes the store as “a collection of little treasures”. It’s not often a gift shop can be described so extravagantly, but Natascha is right. M29 is curated to perfection- a gift shop with things you might be more inclined to keep for yourself.