Life is an amalgamation of comfort and discomfort, where one would cease to exist without the presence of another. After all, you cannot acquire a feeling without knowing how you would feel if that feeling was lost or did not exist. We can express an emotion or a feeling on a scale of 1 to 10 because we sub-consciously compare it with the opposing emotion.

Until a child has been introduced to fear they have no clue about what it feels like to tackle it. It is a very basic example. To elaborate on the point, let us talk about how much we love the ‘help’. Seeking the support of housekeepers, a maid in a household is quite a ‘dear’ thing for some of us. We become so dependent on the help that managing even a single day without them seems like a curse. It makes us feel frustrated and angry both. If the keeper has taken a pre-approved leave, then we start tensing over the long day of discomfort their absence is going to bring along, well in advance.

Some of us even get a mini-stroke when the help switches their phone off and, takes off for the day without prior notice. An ocean of discomfort, frustration, anger wells up and we think of ways on how to make them make up for this sudden distress they caused us.

Life is tough and equally exciting, invigorating, fun and blissful. Acceptance of the grey along with the white is what can make us strive through it with perfection. Else, we would just continue to circulate in heaps of negating emotions and feelings.

When we set out to yoga exercise for the first time in our life, the first stage we have to counter is to wake up early. This change of ‘wake-up’ time in itself brings heaps of discomfort that a majority of us even give up on the practice. However, those who get past that stage and, eventually become habitual to the change in routine get rewarded with incredible benefits from working their mind and body with the Sun. They get access to more serotonin, estrogen, along with a healthier body and mind. Not only the discomfort pays off well, it also turns into a comforting reward.

The point lies in this statement, “Within every discomfort, there is a comfort hidden. You just need to keep moving and get past the grey.”

The magnificent science of yoga proposes the very fact. It teaches that ‘It is okay to be uncomfortable!’

When we commence the yoga practice, it is natural for our body to resist the changes and the activities involved. The intense back bends, side bends, core blasters, the annoying holding time until we nearly feel faint – all of this makes us uncomfortable during the sessions. As time passes and we witness a mind, body transformation, we acknowledge the worth of the strain we tackled earlier. And, yes it is true. Anyone who is a dedicated yogi and has witnessed how yoga can transform a life with its larger-than-life benefits agrees to feeling completely revived after a yoga good class. Being uncomfortable is evidence that the body is opening up towards flexibility and better tone, the muscles are breaking down, and the cells are stirring within to reveal a more beautiful version of your body and mind.

The moment you decide to tackle this discomfort and get along with it, this emotion shall cease to bother you. This is the essence of yoga — a practice, a way of life that prepares you for a journey, both on and off the mat. Yoga prepares your mind and body for challenges and tells you that it is ‘Okay! Things are going to be just fine!’