You’re probably up to your well-plucked eyebrows with the latest food and fitness trends for 2015. But before you set out for Whole Foods or the gym, take some time to think about your bigger goals and the resolutions you can make—and keep—this year and beyond.


Give yourself permission to follow your bliss. It’s healthy and good to set aside the time to nurture your own needs, emotions and desires. If you’ve lost touch with yourself, take the time to find out who you are and who you want to be. If you don’t advocate for your own interests, you can’t expect others to respect them.


Just say no. Losing yourself in work, pleasing others, conforming to what society says you should do—overscheduling, overdoing, over committing—won’t satisfy what you’re really hungry for. It won’t make your unhappy or guilty feelings go away. It can be a one-way ticket to anxiety, depression, self-defeating perfectionism and disordered eating. Figure out what you want to do and then do it.


Shed the “should.” “What should I do?” is a yes-or-no question that usually implies there’s only one right answer. “Should” I eat this…,go back to work…take on this new challenge? Or not. It limits your options and can leave you feeling trapped.


Better to ask yourself, what could I do? What could I do to achieve my bigger truth and better life? What could I do to eat or feel healthier…find greater satisfaction…live more authentically? Suddenly, you have choices and with them, the freedom to think and act in ways that resonate with your values and result in more satisfying resolutions you can keep for the long term.


Go big. Live beyond the plate and find new interests that nourish your ambition and intellectual, professional and emotional growth.


Treat your gut right. Learn to recognize the difference between physical and emotional hunger and let food be food. It’s nourishment, not a drug or distraction from painful feelings or events.


When cravings attack, think creatively. With a little advanced planning and supportive friends or family, you can outwit the siren call of sugary or salty snacks or whatever you’re looking for to satisfy the hole in your heart.


Let it go. What’s past is past, what’s done is done. Don’t punish yourself for what you did or did not do or hold on to regret, anger or sorrow from events long ago. Find forgiveness for the person you were and compassion for the person you’ve become.


Be your own change agent. Honor your dreams and make them a reality. Because they—and you—are worth it.


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