“A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I’ve learned is always to use a skin moisturizer!” That was according to Beyoncé, and she has a reason to believe so keep that mantra to heart.

Moisturizer And Your Quest For Youth.

Oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, aging skin, acne-prone skin, and however way you best describe your skin, the beneficial effects of moisturizer are real, and range anywhere from immediate to long-term plus points for your skin.

Here are the top 7 long-term benefits that you can derive from a well-formulated moisturizer that matches your skin type and requirements:

Keeps your skin from drying out on a regular, consistent basis.

A good moisturizer performs several functions to keep your skin hydrated 24/7. Keeping your skin surface moist and the deeper layers of your skin well-hydrated also protect your skin from damage and aging. Chronic dryness compromises your skin’s ability to capture sufficient amounts of moisture and lock it in for a long period of time. Moreover, dryness suffers your skin’s elasticity.

Better moisturizers will contain ingredients that go beyond common humectants and emollients. It will carry ingredients that will help your skin stay hydrated longer with healing effects on damages to your skin matrix. Such ingredients include hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, collagen, peptides, and ceramides.

Significantly raised antioxidant levels.

The best moisturizers will fold in antioxidant protection in the formula. These products will refuse to think about hydrating to improve your skin’s current state but also, how your skin’s future health and appealing appearance may be enhanced.

Some of the most potent antioxidants to look for are pomegranate seed extracts, grape seed extract, resveratrol, green tea and white tea extracts, and a combination of Vitamins C, E, and B3.   These ingredients help your skin fight oxidation and environmental stress that cause your skin to become vulnerable to free radical damage.

Improved skin barrier layer.  

Great moisturizers are infused with ingredients that help rebuild and re-fortify your skin’s surface layer to strengthen its protective function. With a stronger barrier, your skin becomes less prone to damage, infection, blemishes, and from showing wrinkles and other visible signs of skin aging.

Faster skin layer turnover.

Today’s moisturizers have been revitalized to carry a wide spectrum of exfoliating ingredients, most especially alpha hydroxy acids, which generally consists of glycolic acid, citric acid, and lactic acid, and beta hydroxy acids, which can be salicylic acid.

These render a gentle exfoliating action to your skin, deliberately sloughing off dead skin cells so that a newer, undamaged layer can rise to the surface and show off a more youthful skin. This is one of the effects of moisturizer that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Improved protection from harsh weather conditions.  

Different moisturizers are differently formulated, show up with different textures, and behave differently under varying weather conditions. That is why it will do you good to choose your moisturizer wisely but also, choose accordingly with the prevailing weather conditions.

Moisturizers that are perfect for autumn and winter will have an exfoliating effect on your skin. Yet, these moisturizers will be capable of soaking up your skin in deep moisture. On the other hand, moisturizers that suit spring and summer will tend to be lightweight and water-based. These will be formulated to sink deeply into your skin with ease and without the grease.

Lighter dark spots and brighter overall skin complexion.

Skin darkening, issues (especially around the eyes) tend to be situated on the outermost layers of your skin.  That’s good news that not very many people are informed about and therefore fail to take advantage of.

Some products can contain harmful amounts of skin lightening ingredients, including licorice, kojic acid, and melanin-inhibiting retinol. You should also look for AHAs and BHAs in the labels.

Less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines.  

Vitamin A and its derivatives remain to be top notch ingredients when it comes to wrinkle care. Have these in your nighttime moisturizer only to help correct both wrinkles and fine lines, and lighten your dark skin problems as well.


As part of the most basic, three-step routine anybody with any type of skin can practice — that is, to cleanse, tone and moisturize — there is no doubt that a moisturizer plays a key role in your skin care regimen.