Stop what you’re doing. There is a new face moisturizer in town and it doesn’t cost a thing. That’s right. What’s this new free moisturizer you ask? Well, it’s sweat. Over the years, many women have been told relentlessly that sweat is terrible for the skin. However, sweat has some tremendous benefits for the skin, and while it is not recommended to allow sweat to sit on the face for a prolonged period of time, it has some immediate benefits when you sweat while working out.

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No matter what work out style you prefer whether it is yoga, aerobics, cardio, or barre, each produces this magical moisturizer called sweat. At its basics, sweat allows the pores to open and rids the skin of clogged pores, toxins, and underlying pimples. Beyond just the reduction of breakouts your skin will see, sweat also has some very important benefits. It can actually protect the bare surface of your skin from bacteria and other infectious viruses. It serves as a barrier as well as an antibiotic to protect wounds on the skin. Overall, sweat is a natural cleanser which allows for natural exfoliation leading to the natural glow of the skin.

As always, it is not recommended to work out with a full face of make-up. Having a layer of foundation might cause your pores to have a harder time cleaning out the toxins. If it is convenient for you, quickly wash your face before working out to remove any leftover makeup on the surface of the skin. Now having stated all the benefits of sweating, it is important to state that it is still important that you not leave your skin sweaty for an extended period of time. You still need to immediately wash and clean your face to avoid irritation or breakouts. However, after cleansing you will be able to see your face freshly renewed. There are a few simple ways to rinse and wash post-workout to achieve the full benefits of the sweat process.

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Josephine Skriver I

The easiest way to clean is to splash water on your face and dry with a towel. However, there are many more options for women with different skin types or who enjoy using cleansers to wash their face. Wipes and cleansers are always useful to help replenish the skin with moisture lost when sweating. There are many different cleansers that you could pick up at your local store, or that you use normally on your skin to wash and clean, that will allow you to achieve the best outcome. The ones to regain the most moisture lost include a coconut water cleansing wipe, a hydration treatment masque, or a layer of your daily moisturizer. However, you cleanse post-workout, seeing a new glow will be an outcome for all. With the right routine, sweat can be the new moisturizer we are all looking for. Not only is it an easy way to rid your face of toxins, it can also save you money. Time to sweat it out ladies!