Deborah Koehn Shares Yoga Insight

Imagine stepping outside of the gym with corporate banners and obnoxious grunting and into a place where the majestic world around you speaks aloud. That’s what yoga on a Hawaiian beach is like. And you’re invited.


Deborah Koehn’s ancient and natural tactics for yoga come directly from the research and travels she has undertaken to seek out masters, shamans, and Rishis of India throughout the course of her 45 years of globe-trotting. Ms. Koehn openly shares her understandings and insights from a lifetime of study and meditation, in hopes of sharing the wonders, healthiness, and spirituality of yoga with you!


In today’s world incorporating the latest discoveries (uncovering ancient wisdom) of the Fascia and Neuroscience as well as the relationship of consciousness and yoga philosophy to these discoveries is so important. The expansion of Yogic knowledge to shed light on PTSD and various forms of trauma as well as disease and injury brings a greater dimension to the practical applications of yoga.


Here’s what Deborah had to share with us about the importance of Yoga (in paradise!):


DC Life Magazine: What if I’ve been considering adding yoga to my daily lifestyle. Is it advantageous? 

Deborah Koehn: I have been teaching, studying and sharing yoga for 40 years now. The benefits never cease to amaze me, and I love more than anything to be the first to introduce yoga to someone. Yoga has practices for health and wellness in every area of life.

It is very exciting for me today to be seeing the evidence-based studies emerging from the scientific and medical communities in praise of the benefits of yoga. Of course, the physical and therapeutic applications of yoga have been showing stellar results but more important these days with the stress and anxiety, depression, eating and sleep disorders and socio-psycho-economic challenges the neuroscience of yoga is becoming more obvious and the benefits and pranayama, breath awareness and meditation, awareness of our thoughts, are becoming mainstream as healing modalities.

Of course, the love and caring and compassion that is cultivated in these practices for self, others and our environment is also being documented and shows promise for being a source of health and happiness. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yoga is really advantageous!!! It’s the best!


DC: Is it true yoga can also help with anxious thoughts? 

DK: Yes, there are many practices in yoga that address anxiety. Yoga is the most powerful form of working with the nervous system to create an understanding of the fight, flight, freeze aspects of our behavior and the nurture and calming. Once we have the experience of and know how to flip the switch from anxious to calm, we can utilize the practice for self-care.  I have had amazing results with Yoga for anxious thoughts and developed simple practices for anxiety. The friendship and community formed by yoga also seems to be of support as does the opportunity to participate in classes and feel the changes happening. It’s good to look for a teacher you resonate with and feels comfortable and happy and safe. Come to Hawaii!


DC: Hawaiian oceanfront yoga. Sounds delightfully exciting…

DK: I always say that Nature is our best teacher and certainly healer. We provide a beautiful natural environment for Yoga. Our yoga center is sustainably built, solar powered, a magical work of art on the ocean. There is nothing like it in all of Hawaii. We find that guests who come to our oceanfront retreat feel the love and care of the personalized yoga and the closeness to nature. Nurtured by the warm clean clear waters for swimming and snorkeling, the colorful and nutritious foods from our land, the sea, or close by farms and the abundant fruits and flowers on our oceanfront paradise everyone wants to stay on or return soon. Accommodations are Bali style in the spirit of old Hawaii.

Sleep to the sounds of the sea and awaken the songs of the birds. We are in a remote fishing village, life is slowed down and simple. This is the best environment for a yoga immersion to initiate healing and support health and wellness.


May 14-June 3rd: Hawaii Yoga Adventure Teacher Training

September 16-28: Ladakh India Yoga Adventure Cultural Immersion Yoga, annual Festival,

markets, chanting with monks, Tibetan Healers, monasteries, and Himalayan Trek  

October 1-12: Bhutan Yoga Adventure Full

November 15-22: Yoga Therapy


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