Botox is now becoming a common thing, as well as other cosmetic surgeries. People do cosmetic surgeries to look better, to feel better and at times because they need it for health problems. There are procedures for faces, breasts, hips, and even been used as treatment depression. A new treatment known as vaginal rejuvenation is one of the services that is becoming a trend nowadays.

With women going high on vaginal rejuvenation, men are looking for ways to also get their private parts (their scrotum) to look better. Although it sounds bizarre, doctors predict the treatment, so-called Scrotox, is only going to become more popular. Men want to look their best too, even their scrotum.

Scrotox, it is a procedure where Botox gets injected into a man’s scrotum to reduce sweating, decrease the appearance of lines, and make the scrotum look larger due to muscle relaxation.

According to Dr. Emer, it is not only for cosmetic procedures but also helps marathon runners and cyclists who get inner thigh rubbing and irritation from sweat. How does it help them in a way? Well, it decreases skin burn for those runners and cyclists.

This procedure may also make your scrotum more appealing to your partner. One man even shared his experience and how it has given a positive impact in his sex life.

It’s a little bit sore and sensitive for a few hours after, but by the next day I felt fine. The results don’t happen right away, but within that week or so I did feel like my scrotum was more relaxed than before. They are not loose all the time, which is one of the things I was not expecting. It was after the results had set in, about five days afterward, when I showed my girlfriend and we had sex. She was pleased with both the results and that I was open-minded enough to try the Scrotox.

The sex was great! It did make the sex more enjoyable. While it doesn’t make sex last longer, along with the aesthetics, my lower-hanging, relaxed and looser balls were more stimulating for my girlfriend. For her, she says it does stimulate the vulva region more and perhaps even the clitoris (when we have sex in certain positions). As they are lower, they can reach places on her body better!

Even so, there are also some side effects when doing this procedure. According to one doctor, it could affect the sperm count, so if you are seeking to reproduce and getting a baby as a result, it is better to not do this procedure yet.

However, if you wish to do this procedure, a doctor shared with GQ what the procedure will be like; Doctor’s apply a topical cream to numb the area and inject the testicle skin (no needles go into the actual sack). This is done multiple times in the selected area, with Botox from a fine needle, as it would be done to a creased forehead or a smattering of crows feet around the eye. The downtime is virtually non-existent.

3 – 4 months you can see the end product according to Dr. Reider of NYU’s Langhone Medical Center. You will have bulging balls as well as smoothness that’s similar to a baby’s bottom. The procedure for this treatment costs about $500 (26h 1m) – $1000 (52h 1m) , just like the price of doing Botox on your face.