Where do you go to escape the city noise in DC?

Bar openings, museums, rooftop restaurants, outdoor cinemas – needless to say there are thousands of things to do in D.C. But what if you just feel like getting away for a bit, and escape the city noises?

Shenandoah National Park is just 75 miles away from the heart of D.C, and it encompasses part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When buying a pass to the park you get ultimate relaxation for one big reason – no cell reception.

Almost immediately when you enter the park gates, your cell phone stops working, and you have almost 200,000 acres of exploring in front of you. This park has gorgeous waterfalls, swimming holes, and natural rock slides – definitely worth a dip, even though the water is quite cold.

One of their most famous waterfalls is the Cedar Run Fall, which includes a natural rock slide. This hike is very steep and rocky, nothing for the faint-hearted. After the one-hour hike downhill, you forget everything for a while and become a kid again when sliding down the rocks. Another 50 yards and you reach the tallest fall on the Cedar Run hike, where you can sit down by the fall to eat your lunch, or be adventurous and jump off the cliffs. Just be careful while doing this, getting hurt in a place like this is not recommended.

The golden rule to get the most out of this trip though is to wear comfortable shoes because a 3.6-mile hike roundtrip is nothing you would want to do in flip-flops. It’s also very important to take your time and rest before heading home because the hike back is not easy. It’s only 1.7 miles, but you gain 1,500 feet on the way on the way back, which basically means that you’re climbing.

After a hike like this, you are bound to sleep like a baby and it’s perfect when you just feel like having a couple of hours to yourself with your family or friends, or just feel like experiencing something completely new and exciting!