Could it be that putting the body in continuous contact with the earth can resolve health problems?

Could it be that going to the beach turns out to be a whole lot more than just a way to forget about the looming work week and a desk full of paperwork?

Apparently, yes.

Just ask Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway.

So, roll up your pant legs, put your feet on the bare ground, and read on, as we speak with Mariel Hemingway on how the earth can resolve health problems.


The Interview

DC LIFE MAGAZINE: Clint Ober wrote the book Earthing and it has sold over 1 million copies. Did you read his book and decide to try what he recommended?

MARIEL HEMINGWAY: I did read the book and was concurrently introduced to Clint and had been aware of Earthing by my partner Bobby Williams and have been earthing for several years without realizing the depth of its importance to overall health and well-being. After meeting Clint, I began looking at his research behind it. Clint definitely clarified (with his personal stories and scientific knowledge) the amazing benefits of grounding.

DC: What exactly is Earthing to you?

MH: Earthing has become a major passion of mine. I believe that EVERY HUMAN on the planet needs to know about it. It is a life-changing health choice that is free and available for everyone, for nearly every ailment a person might struggle with. Without making claims, Earthing has the ability to positively affect the health of every individual young or old that incorporates it into their life. Earthing has become a life mission for me.

DC: Would you say there is a connection between brain inflammation and depression (and how does Earthing counteract these things?)

MH: 100% it affects brain inflammation. The brain and the body are deeply connected. One is always working with the other. Decreasing body inflammation gets rid of aches and pains and inflammatory responses that occur in the body from disease and injury. The same is true for the brain. The brain, when relieved of inflammation, is clearer and more functional. Brain inflammation is partially the cause of anxiety and depressive conditions. Conversely, while earthing may not be a cure, it is certainly a good choice that people can make. This good choice can help to shift their energy and create a sense of peace and joy.

DC: Is there also a connection between Earthing, nature, and creativity?

MH: Artist, writers, and musicians have used nature and the human connection to nature for centuries. My grandfather Ernest Hemingway was passionate about being outdoors and it was an integral part of all his novels and short stories. I am a huge believer that nature and our quiet connection with it is pure creativity… Mother earth is the representation of creation and our honoring her gifts to us is expressed through the arts.

DC: In this day and age, do you think we are starting to uncover ancient ways of using nature for health and spiritual reasons much like devotional leaders of the past?

MH: I think it is ironic that we are thinking this is something new… it is as ancient as the planet itself. Nature is our greatest teacher in mental physical and spiritual well-being.

mariel-hemingway-dan-fecht-earthing-movie3DC: Do you face challenges when you tell people about Earthing?

MH: Not at all… because I can talk about how much my life has improved personally from grounding/earthing. I think it is the easiest thing to talk about because once explained, (how we are made up of electricity and so is the earth), the fact that we have disconnected from our very “nature” and have created discomfort because of it, “reconnecting” to the earth only makes sense.

DC: Do you still walk barefoot on the ground and how often do you suggest people should do it?

MH: I walk barefoot outside on trails every day and I have made that a daily ritual for myself because being grounded day and night helps me feel so much more energy and clarity.  From my experience, I suggest that others walk outside barefoot every day for at LEAST 30 minutes (even if just to place your feet on the grass for 30 minutes). It will affect you profoundly. I personally, along with Bobby, walk on trails for 60 to 120 minutes a day. Yet, as my feet have become stronger I actually long for it. Not to mention when I walk barefoot, I have tons more energy than when wearing rubber-soled shoes. I honestly feel I could walk forever. Yet, the trails have little sharp rocks… (I carry my shoes for those times when the trail is challenging).

DC: What can I do to start walking the Earthing way?

MH: Simply go into your backyard, take your shoes off, walk around and take a few moments to really feel the grass or earth under your feet and between your toes. We have thousands of pores on the soles of our feet and they absorb the earth’s frequency, minerals and GOOD bacteria that the earth is freely offering us. Do and feel the results for yourself. Earth can resolve health problems.

DC: In the film by Rebecca and Josh Tickell, you spoke of the depression issues that were inherited in the Hemingway family tree and that walking the earth barefoot has helped you. Can you share your thoughts on that?

MH: In my life, I am always finding new ways to create balance and a sense of joy. I know that I have serious mental health issues that run in my family. Likewise, I orchestrate my lifestyle choices, my food, water, exercise and sleep towards a calming result. Earthing is my/the base… the ROOTS, so to speak, of all the healthy choices I make, so yes Earthing is a HUGE proponent of my well-being in every way. If I am feeling anxious or even mildly depressed, I walk outside barefoot (for even 5 minutes) and it always shifts the way I feel in a positive way.

Lastly, when I travel and there is a lack of outdoor area to walk barefoot, I take a grounded sleep mat so that I can sleep grounded because at least if I have that I know that I will feel better and even get rid of jet lag.

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