If you walk through Rosslyn, downtown DC, Ballston, pretty much anywhere in the DMV area, you are bound to find endless runners, joggers, and cyclists. As Mark Steverson, the owner of the Orangetheory fitness studios in the area put it,

“People are already running when we open the door at 4:30 in the morning…it’s just really encouraging, it’s motivational to see how active people are around here, how healthy they are, and it’s just an awesome area.”

Everyone is getting in shape, but what are some of the cool ways they are working out? Well, we’ve put together a list of some of the best outdoor workouts, so you don’t have to bother searching for them:

Two put on by Rosslyn BID:

LavaBarre’s “Barre in the Park”: Every Thursday, weather permitting, LavaBarre hosts a barre class in Gateway Park at 1300 Lee Highway. Come join any week from now until September to work your core, glutes, and thighs while listening to fun pump-up music alongside friends and other Rosslyn locals. Classes start at 6 pm, but come early to get a good spot. Make sure to bring a mat or towel, plenty of water, and get ready to “feel the burn.” Register here. For more info on the class, check out our article on LavaBarre!

Rosslyn Boot Camp: Mondays and Wednesday from 6 pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, Victor Carcamo, longtime fitness instructor and operations manager for the BID, hosts boot camp classes in Gateway Park. As Victor explains,

“We do a warm-up, stretch and every workout consists of twelve different exercises, so we do what’s called one-to-one ratio. We’ll work for 30 seconds and then we’ll rest for 30 seconds, that’s the first part, so we’ll do burpees [and then rest] and pushups and then rest, so that I can show people what the exercises [are]…Then we go into intervals. Three sets of four exercises and then abs. And then a final stretch…[Though] they hate me while they’re doing it, they love me after.”

But the class is definitely for all levels. “I always have a modified version of an exercise or an alternate exercise with the same benefit,” says Victor. And people love it. He continues, “A lot of people want muscle, some people want to lose weight, but most people want both together…so that’s why HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is good. You get the cardio benefit, but you’re also doing a ton of plyometrics.”

You get a great workout for 30$ (1h 34m) a session, so register here, to join in on the fun and then head over to happy hour after for drinks!

BID also puts on tons of other great events and socials in Rosslyn – check them all out here.

November Project DC: Looking to get in some exercise before work? Well, check out November Project. With “tribes” all over the country, the fitness movement is growing into one of the most popular ways to workout before the break of dawn. November Project DC welcomes everyone for great, intense workouts at iconic locations all over the city (for free!). In line with their hashtag #RiseAndShine, the workouts are early. Mondays are at Meridian Hill Park at 6:30 am with the last Monday of the month at Capitol Hill also at 6:30 am. Wednesdays are at 5:30 and 6:30 am on the Lincoln steps and there are new locations every Friday at 6:30 am. If you see a massive crowd of super excited DC-ers clad in brightly colored clothing early in the morning, you’ve probably found them.

So as November Project says, #justshowup and have a kickass workout. Follow their Twitter and Facebook and blog to stay updated on locations, times, and some of their other fun events!

Pilates in the Park: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm, Golden Triangle BID puts on a free Pilates class in Farragut Park. With about 100 people joining each class, you’re bound to meet tons of fellow yogis in the area. Along with an hour of exercise, you also get the chance to taste some food from nearby restaurants for post-workout snacks! All you need a mat, so come by and have fun. Check here  for more info.

lululemon Yoga in the Park: Want to refresh and regroup in the middle of the workweek? Go check out lululemon’s Yoga in the Park every Wednesday at 6 pm. Meet in DuPont circle for an hour of yoga, perfect for all levels. All you need to bring is yourself, some a water, and a mat! Check here for more details.

Nike Run Club (Georgetown): Though you could use the Nike+ Training app, why not try the free Nike Run Club sessions for a change (especially while it’s still warm outside)? Go on a run from the store and track your progress with the app. Link up with other active locals and get a good workout in. Check here for the Run Club calendar and follow their Twitter for more info on location and times!

These workouts are not only great for getting in shape, but also for meeting new friends and just getting to know other people in your community. Typically workouts end with a group walk to happy hour or sign-ups for other activities in the area. “People have even…become boyfriend, girlfriend,” laughs Mark, of Orangetheory.

All of these options are for all fitness levels, ages, and genders, so definitely don’t hesitate to try any or all of them before it gets too cold out! Are there any outdoor workouts you particularly like? Let us know in the comments!