Don’t be afraid of turning 40, 50, or even 60. These beautiful celebrity women have blazed a trail for you that makes 60 just as fun, trendy, and lovely as 25. See how these ladies have defied the rules about what you can and can’t do after menopause.

Meryl Streep: Don’t Think Your Glory Days Have Ended
You would be hard-pressed to find a star as universally loved and revered as Meryl Streep. After all, if you have to age like somebody, don’t you want it to be Meryl Streep? Her confidence gives her the glow we all want to have when we are past 60. One of the most amazing things she’s done?

She wore the same black dress that she attended the 1979 Oscars in. The internet quickly exploded with applause at her daring and her ability to pull it off.

Jane Seymour: Wear Your Hair How You Like
Jane Seymour wasn’t afraid to show off some skin and show what she could do when she competed in the fifth season of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2007. You can watch her do the splits, show off her amazing legs, and take on some incredibly complicated steps.

Not only did Jane prove that you can look sexy past 55, she also refuses to let people say what she has to change because of her age. At 62, most people would say she is too old to have such long hair, but she is still proving them wrong with her luscious locks.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Refuse to Worry
Want to know what Michelle Pfeiffer thinks will age you the most? Stress. That’s why she has decided worrying and stress has to go in her life. How does she accomplish this? By taking time for herself and focusing on creating great, strong relationships full of good communication.

Not worrying also means not buying into our culture’s fear of age. Michelle refuses to frantically attempt to look decades younger. Instead, she’s comfortable in her own skin and wears what she likes—not what others say will disguise her age.

This care-free philosophy has made her one of the most beautiful shoulder-baring women in Hollywood, even post-menopause. So don’t be afraid of wearing something too old or too young—wear what you like, whether that’s a sexy goddess costume or a timeless boatneck frock.

Julianne Moore: Don’t Hide Your Face
The older you get, the more you may feel the need to cover up your skin with layers of makeup. Julianne Moore has said no to this, however, and we’re so glad she did! Isn’t it nice to know that you are not required to hide your face under all that stuff? Instead, Julianne focuses on staying out of the sun and caring for her skin with natural skin care products. Her all-natural methods are definitely working.

What celebrities do you love for their rebel spirit and graceful aging?