Maintaining 6-Pack Abs For Life

My Journey to gain core strength and cut body fat.


A lot can be said for reaching a level of existence by which one can appreciate their blessings. Real recognition of blessings starts by paying close attention to the important things in life every day. Things like family, health, business etc. I call the energy used showing attention to these most precious gifts …..”Gratitude”. It becomes obvious over time who takes gratitude seriously, and those who don’t. Take gratitude seriously, for it’s a serious business monitoring what a person lends their attention to.  Believe it or not, to what you pay attention will ultimately define you. In other words, “You become what you focus on.”


We have all heard someone use the sayings, “It consumed him.” or “She was obsessed.” Imagine harnessing and taking control of what consumed you, directing you passions in a way that bring you fulfillment. Ultimately, things that consume our attention, are things that tap into an energy-store that we weren’t fully aware even existed. Tapping into this secret energy supply is euphoric, like uncovering a fountain of bliss that flows forth to saturate your life.

Author Eugene Smith at age 42 posing for an ab shot at sunset.


Discovering this new “joyous energy” will require us to become accountable for it, so that it doesn’t become self-destructive. This act of harnessing and focusing our obsessions is often called willpower or discipline. Willpower is like a snapshot taken of the current state we are in when its discovery was made. This “snapshot” is often what we present to the outside world in our everyday lives. The average person cannot visualize our path of habitual choices of actions (or inaction) unless they are trained, or have shared experiences. Every persons path of choices that has lead us to our current situation or state of existence is our discipline.


I have decided to share the discipline included in my very own path to abdominal health beyond age 40. This had to be done because for too many years my “willpower” has been mistaken as purely an effect of my “genetics”. Too many years of hearing people write-off the ability to maintain strength, a healthy body weight with a low body fat percentage as purely a “genetic manifestation”. This viewpoint shows little with regard for my discipline, which may be stem from a lack of awareness?

I have to say that genetics plays its part, but I refuse to believe it’s that simple. Knowing from experience that the culmination of a person’s choices (DISCIPLINE) creates a lifestyle pattern that puts their mind at an advantage over their body. Most people whose minds are in control over their bodies are generally happy with their physical appearance. Furthermore those of us whose bodies are completely out of control seem very unhappy with the way they look. So I have decided to share 20+ scientifically UNproven difference-makers, and how I suspect they play a part in my 6-pack abs after 40 and overall health.


  1. Meals Instead Of Snacks

    – I have trained myself to weigh the benefits of a snack compared to a meal. It oftentimes makes more sense for me to endure being hungry for a short period of time than to introduce a load of “cheap” calories into my body that will eventually show up in the form of fat deposits when I look in the mirror. Having a body fat percentage under 12% makes it easier to see the relative changes in the mirror. Yes, it’s possible to see a fat gain from 12% up to 15%. It’s harder to see on those with a much higher fat percentage, but pay attention to the mirror. If vanity is some of the fuel needed to build willpower, then so be it.

  2. Posture –

    I’m mindful of my posture. I stand, sit and walk in a way that allows my lungs to reach full capacity. I often find myself having to dial-down my posture with “mirroring techniques” when socializing with others who msy exude poor posture as to not come-off as exerting dominance. So in so many words, pay attention to who you spend time socializing with. Take a look from afar at the people you spend a lot of time with. Are their shoulders slumping and their bellies protruding? Do they look miserable?  I only ask because people who look miserable from a distance seldom surprise you when you get closer to them. lol

  3. Breathing –

    After learning to meditate around age 8,  I became so skilled at slowing my heart rate that by age 11 I  discovered that I could make the school nurse call my Mom just by slowing down my heartbeat. What I learned then, I have mastered over the last 30 years. Keeping track of my heart rate and self-regulating helps me to control the effects of stress on my body. Most importantly exercising some control over an “involuntary” body function builds willpower and self-control. After learning to control your heart rate, dietary regulation becomes much easier!

  4. Comfortable Mattress –

    My Tempur-Pedic mattress costs more than my car! Seriously though I cannot stress to you the importance of getting restful sleep is to the body. Most of the body’s best housecleaning work is done during the hours of restful sleep. The body has its best chance to repair cell damage and sweep away free-radicals while we sleep. Removing those free-radicals helps our bodies remain free from inflammation. Inflammation is not only a symptom or signal for concern but if left unchecked it can become an even larger problem on its own. I paid almost $3000 for my Tempur-Pedic mattress over 10 years ago and it has been the best investment of my life thus far.

  5. Eat something Green With Every Meal –

    I have a habit of only eating “square meals”. When I am not able to have a meal with fresh or cooked greens for an extended time, I do notice the change in my body. Green foods are packed with phytonutrients that help your body repair cell damage and can also improve the cardio-vascular efficiency. Many Greens are great sources of highly-absorbable calcium and fiber. Try and balance out your plates with equal amounts of everything. I rarely make a plate that is lacking in color, texture, and freshness. Please check back or subscribe to the DC Life Magazine newsletter for the rest of my tips in this column Abs For Life.