USA Guided Tours Drops the Top Just in Time for the Summer!

USA Guided Tours Announces New Luxury Vehicle Tour

Washington, DC – USA Guided Tours introduces the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 CDI Sprinter as the vehicle of choice for its SkyVue Convertible Bus Tours. Available for private events and bookings, this revolutionary vehicle will offer the luxury, class, and ingenuity associated with the Mercedes brand, providing tourists in our Nation’s Capital with the ultimate sightseeing experience.

Unlike the traditional tour buses commonly used for public tours of our beautiful city, the SkyVue convertible Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers increased flexibility and comfort.  The vehicle comfortably seats 19 passengers on plush leather seats.  The convertible roof system created by Caleche enables tours to be conducted regardless of inclement weather conditions.  Thanks to its’ carefully constructed glass top, tourists can enjoy both open top tours and covered tours with a unique panoramic view.

Adding to its appeal and exclusivity, there are currently only four Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 CDI Sprinters in the country.


USA Guided Tours’ Vice President, Rauf Shakir believes the new luxury tour vehicle will provide tourists with a unique vantage point and enable them to experience the city in a new way. Visit the website, TripAdvisor, Viator or Expedia for booking information. Use Promo Code: DClifemagazine for a 15% discount on all public tour packages.

USA Guided Tours
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Instagram/Twitter: @Usaguidedtours

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