Uniquely American and now considered by many as an unofficial national holiday, the Super Bowl is a celebrated gathering of friends and family to view the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) during its television broadcast. Second to Thanksgiving, it’s the most important event for foodies and entertainers across America. What else is there to do between touchdowns?! If you’re looking to help feed the crowd on Sunday, look no further. We’ve compiled an assortment of delicious ideas below.

Chicken wings are a must-have menu item for any casual event, and Super Bowl is no exception. Of course, buffalo wings are the classic option.  The only variation is selecting your favorite hot sauce. Here’s the no-fail recipe for this all-star party food.
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Thanks, Food Network and Alton Brown!

However, in the nation’s capital, we pride ourselves for regional favorites. I’m talking about none other than twice-fried chicken wings with Mumbo sauce. DC’s #1 late night order from the Chinese take-out spot is getting served up. Prepare to be amazed as these crispy and juicy wings will disappear in a matter of seconds once the crowd finds out. Order up at Yum’s II Carryout in Logan Circle. And make sure you request they put the sauce on the side. You can thank me later.

Want something slightly different? Head over to Bonchon in Arlington. The DC location at Navy Yard won’t be open until spring. This Korean fried chicken chain will definitely win you over. Other menu items include Japanese and Korean street fare such as takoyaki (battered and octopus balls) and pork and chive potstickers.

If you want to step it up and put in some genuine effort, perhaps making a couple of dishes is more your speed. We’ve gathered some of our favorite recipes on our Super Bowl Sunday on Pinterest. Check them out below.

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Are you looking for something more hipster to keep with the crowd’s tastes? Here ya go. For something this unique, it helps to watch the video. This Chicken Kimchi recipe is sure to be a talking point during game time. EatMakeCelebrate.com have other festive recipes to offer on their website.

The simplest achievement to game day success is to have everyone bring a dish to share and bring along their own drinks. This way, picky eaters and hosts with limited budgets can join the fun. Some of the easiest dishes to bring along to a party are prepared foods. Think of an easy grocery stop along the way and pick up a tray of sandwiches and a tray of fruit. A 12 pack of beer or a bottle of premium alcohol would be nice, too.

No matter who wins this Sunday, be sure to watch the Big Game with good sportsmanship in mind. And a lot of great food!