Short Trips Across The USA

Here’s the top 5 short trips for the overworked:

I received plenty of emails this past month from readers asking about good places to visit for three to five days. One reader, in particular, Pete M. from Arlington, VA, mentioned how his job was causing a strain in his marriage, admitting to me by saying, “I suck at finding good destinations to visit and both my wife and I need fun places to go that aren’t New York or Miami.” So, here’s a quick top five list of cool destinations to visit for a few days. This one’s for you Pete, and all you other readers who resonate with him.

Frisco, CO 

When taking short trips Frisco, CO you’ll first notice the summer temperature is rarely above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a gift in the summertime. Plus, this picturesque modernized old west mountain town has some excellent dining options as well. Frisco is only 10 miles from the world-class destination of Breckenridge, which is arguably the most popular ski-town in Colorado. 

downtown frisco
Downtown Frisco, CO

In Frisco you sit 9,097 feet high, which leads to an undeniable feeling of inspiration all around. Some might say it inspires them to get in touch with their innermost sentimental feelings while others say it inspires them to shop and max out their credit cards at the boutique mountain shops. Whatever your reason for inspiration, DC Life Magazine supports you. 

Best point: You’re in Colorado so outdoor activities are endless. 

Worst point: Statistics show that 1 in 10 people may experience altitude sickness. 

Key West, FL 

Easily the most sun-drenched location on this list but also bursting with culture, Key West is a paradise of eats, drinks, and history. Duval Street is the premier destination around here and you can drink yourself silly until you end up at Sloppy Joe’s Bar, the hangout where Ernest Hemingway used to famously pull up a seat only to crawl home a few hours later. Also, Hemingway’s gorgeous home is just down the street, and you can visit during the daytime hours. 

key west durty harrys
Duval street, Key West, FL

Not into writers but more into politicians? Well, President Harry Truman had a house here too, called “The Truman Little White House” and you can take a tour of it as well. You’ll need a top-secret security clearance and a signed release form granting the staff of the Truman Little White House permanent access to your Facebook account in order to guarantee that you have not/are not conspiring against the United States in any way, shape, or form. Just kidding. Tickets are around $25.  

Best point: Key West is the an epicenter of art, culture, and history. 

‘Worst point: Hotels don’t come cheap here so be prepared. 

Outer Banks, NC

Off the coast of North Carolina lies the Outer Banks, a place where miles and miles of beach access abounds. The sunsets are legendary, and the days spent on the beach are soothing and exactly what you need. Picture this: an adult beverage, a cold sandwich, an umbrella, and your family going in and out of the water all day long while freeing yourself of any adult anxieties. Also, imagine yourself feeding the seagulls pringles (you’re so kind to animals.)

horses on beach
Horses of the Outer Banks beaches

If you take a short trip to Corrolla, a town located on the Outer Banks, you’ll have a chance to run into the famous wild horses who are descendants of the horses of 16th-century Spanish explorers who abondoned them here because they were bad owners and not kind to animals. Thanks to these irresponsible Spaniards, we can enjoy the uniqueness of horses that traverse the beaches and make great photography specimens. However, I do not condone horse selfies, they might bite or kick. 

Best point: A romantic place. 

Worst point: A true cultural identity is under construction. 

San Diego, CA 

By far the largest city on this small list, San Diego is peculiar – this is because everyone knows how “nice” the city can be and how “great” the weather is here, but if you ask ten people if they’ve ever visited, only about three or four will say they have. With these truths in tow, you’ll be in for a getaway filled with west coast vibes and tranquility.

san diego sunset
La Jolla beach in San Deigo, CA

La Jolla beach is gorgeous in all of its glory. Situated directly beneath tall cliffs, with sunsets that turn the entire beach gold upon setting, it is worth the visit. Another wonderful beach is Black’s Beach, which isn’t as well-advertised as La Jolla beach, and for good reason – It’s a nude beach. I made the mistake of going to Black’s Beach without knowing. I was surprised by the hipsters and boomers alike dropping their swimming trunks in the parking lot. No matter – we blocked those views out and enjoyed the God-given natural views instead. And you can, too! 

Best point: A city with plenty to experience. 

Worst point: High dollar everything. 

Gatlinburg, TN

Short trip to Tennessee? Maybe you’re surprised. It’s not just Natural Light beer and fast food. No, I’m talking about Gatlinburg, TN in this article, and actually, it’s more like Moonshine and local eateries. If you are looking for a family vacation, there are endless amounts of things to do between here and the neighboring town of Pigeon Forge. To increase your family fun experience, stay at a rustic-mountain resort called Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort + Water Park. Book here:

mountain town
Many entertainment options of Gatlinburg

Truly the biggest reason to visit Gatlinburg is the proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The entrance is directly in the city and once inside the park there are many avenues of adventure and discovery. Take the hike for Laurel Falls, you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you have a few hours to spend.  

Best point: Families have a lot to do. 

Worst point: Black bears roam this area at night, so don’t leave trash outside.