Looking for a great way to travel on a limited budget? Want to tour beautiful synagogues and bask in the sun on the incredible beaches in Tel Aviv? Then think about registering for a Taglit-Birthright trip to Israel!

Have you ever thought about going to Israel? Maybe hiking up Masada or writing a prayer for the future and placing Birthright_Israelit within the cracks of the Kotel (Western Wall)? Or do you just want to meet other Jewish young adults and connect to your long-lost Israeli heritage? Then, look no further than the Taglit-Birthright trip to Israel. From the moment you arrive, you and about forty others are fully immersed in the Israeli culture. Every moment of the trip either takes your breath away or helps you breathe easy – from the stunning views in Netanya to the community-building discussions your group has with various religious and secular leaders who truly make you feel connected to the country.

Though, at times, the stigma behind a trip specifically for Jewish twenty-year-olds would be that every participant must be religious, and, if not, he or she would be coerced into any kind of belief, that is simply not true. No matter if you keep Kosher or eat meat with dairy, Birthright invites all young Jews on the educational trip – for free! Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt, as well as the Israeli government and various Jewish donors,  founded Taglit-Birthright (“taglit” in Hebrew means “discovery”) in 1999 and have since brought 400,000 individuals to Israel. The entire voyage has been completely subsidized by Israel and its affiliates, so your financial background never plays a role, you just apply, get placed with a trip, and you’re in!

The requirements for the trip: you must be between eighteen and twenty-six years of age, at least one birth parent must be Jewish, and you cannot have gone on another educational or study program to Israel in the past – that’s it! Quick note: as Birthright has gained quite a bit of traction in the last few years, it is incredibly important that you sign up within the first day or two of registration, otherwise, all the spots will fill!

After the ten days in Israel, you will deplane in the United States, dazzled by the awe-inspiring beauty of the country you already miss, enlightened by the Israeli soldiers who accompanied your trip as fellow participants, and in love with your new family – from the tour guide to your trip leaders, to the other trip members, you will adore them all.

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