There is a certain level of sophistication and elegance that comes in each glass of Stella and believe it or not the Belgians have nine steps in their pouring ritual.

The process is quite remarkable… “Like watching an ancient mystic ritual remarkable.”

One standard that you can find at B Too is the Stella Artois beer. There is a technique to pouring Stella that can be witnessed here like no other place in the city The process Is quite remarkable……” like watching an ancient mystic ritual remarkable”.

The proper Stella pour begins with the proper Stella chalice.  The Stella Artois chalice is not just a regular glass is a handcrafted work of art.  When you experience the pride of Belgium poured into a glass, you should be able to understand the complete glory that is Stella Artois. The Belgian pouring ritual allows the beer to flow, breathe and develop a pristine head.  There is a certain level of sophistication and elegance that comes in each glass of Stella and believe it or not the Belgians have nine steps in their pouring ritual:

Step one the purification the bartender selects the signature glass for the beer being poured. the glasses are scrubbed in a cool water bath preferably with a mild detergent and it’s rinsed with cold water to chill the glass.

Step two the sacrifice the tap is opened in one swift motion to let the first burst of phone flow away it was never into the glass thus ensuring every drop of beer is fresh.

Step three the liquid alchemy the glasses held at a 45° angle to create the perfect balance of liquid to foam.

Step four the head to head is created by straightening and lowering the glass the foam is visually appealing and releases the beers aroma.

Step five the removal the bartender close the Tap in one quick action and move the glass are you from the faucet two ensure no drops spoil the perfect head.

Step number six the beheading while the beer is flowing over the edge of the glass the bartender cuts the head gently with a head cutter at a 45° angle this eliminates the larger bubbles that burst easily and accentuate the dissipation of the head.

Step seven the judgment the bartender now stands in judgment but beer’s head should be to finger thick.

Step eight the cleansing the bartender then rinse is the bottom and sides of the glass this keeps the glass clean and cool and makes it comfortable to hold.

Step number nine the bestowal a perfectly poured pint of Belgian beer is presented with the logos of the coaster and glass facing the customer.

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