Next, I’d love to send you to a boutique hotel on the ocean.

I step into the lobby of Solé, and the aroma of roses drifts across my face. The glass staircase lined with candles seizes our attention. It is at this exact moment my wife reminds me that I am not as sole-miami-dan-fecht-poetromantic as Solé and never buy her flowers.

Hey, flowers get expensive.

But she’s right.

Nevertheless, that’s beside the point. This is Solé in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, and this boutique hotel screams chic at the top of its lungs. A clean, elegant décor matched with a feminine touch located directly on the sand, Solé in Sunny Isles Beach (in the North Miami Beach area), must be placed on your to-do list.

Here’s how I recommend you handle your upcoming trip to Solé, A Noble House Resort:

Day One

Must-Do: Check-in

A room/suite facing the ocean will do Sunny Isles the justice it deserves during your time spent in Florida. Therefore, try to book a room that offers such. You’ll experience the shimmering indigo of the ocean glossing into your room, sole_miami_room-dan-fecht-poetpreserving the room’s brightness.  The viewpoint from the sitting area or bedroom is indeed something to write home about so take plenty of pictures. Social media hint: the patio is a brilliant place to film videos for Instagram or Youtube. Plan your stay here:

Time To Eat: BALEENkitchen

Another great thing about staying at Solé is the prime dining on the lower level of the hotel. Here is where you’ll find BALEENkitchen, one of the masterpiece restaurants of Sunny Isles Beach. From 6-9 PM on weekdays, you can partake in happy hour, which is a perfect time to wet your whistle with rosé wine or a craft beer that best suits your palate. An outside seat will enhance the experience as the view dwindles away into twilight, leaving you with the coastal cool night air.

As a stickler for customer service myself, I’m always hoping for upright treatment. It must be noted that BALEENkitchen has some of the strongest customer care I’ve encountered in the hospitality world. This simply cements my belief that Sole and BALEENkitchen can be your one-stop stay extended getaway. There’s no reason to stay anywhere else in Sunny Isles Beach when a resort can have you thinking your nickname is “Your Majesty.” Or Lord. Even Maharajah. Or powerful things like that.

Day Two

Good Morning: Stroll Sunny Isles Beach

A morning stride to get the day going is always a great tool for sharpening the mind. The peace of the coastline as the sun rises above the ocean will inspire your easing, as will the clearness of the water. Though I sound like an online dating profile, go barefoot and perhaps offer a piggy-back ride to your partner. Yes, now it looks more like a scene from The Bachelor. But that’s Sunny Isle’s Beach; an appealing, made-for-television beach. You’re staying at a boutique hotel on the ocean so it’s not too surprising.

Next: Back To The Dining Board


Credit: Tainara Fecht

By now, my love for BALEENkitchen has become apparent. So, I’m recommending you head back downstairs for their brunch as it’s done right. Try to get a seat outside once again. BALEENkitchen is the host of mimosas of delicious proportions – and everyone knows mimosas liven everything up! There’s something about BALEENkitchen’s mimosa that accents the property in a suave way. Let’s not forget, Solé is also the perfect location for a coastal wedding as it sports views and a sophisticated reception area worth yours and everyone else’s memory banks. You can contact Solé about the oceanside banquet and wedding reception spaces.

This Afternoon: A Brief Getaway

Twelve miles south will take you into the heart of Miami Beach, where the Latin beat and flair is alive and kicking. People from all over the world come to experience the culture and fun, even if for a few hours. Be certain to catch a glance at fashion idol Gianni Versace’s former mansion (1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach) where he lived, worked and partied on behalf of his celebrated namesake brand. Miami Beach is a far-cry from Sunny Isles as far as calmness is concerned, but it’s worth a stroll down the strip for a drink, gelato and the sight of eager faces from all over the world. How many muscular college kids doing backflips on the beach can you count? Pull out the calculator.

Return to Sole: Toes In The Sand For Sunset

sole-miami-dc-life-magazineEveryone who works an office job always complains about not spending an entire day by the beach to do nothing but read a book and nap. Other coworkers always whine about weekends being too short. But this time you’ll tighten your lips and say nothing because you’ve encountered the refreshment of Solé’s private beach.

Though some folks claim they’ll vacation once they retire (or right before they die), be glad that you’re not them and that you’re here instead, ready and willing to text pictures of yourself sipping Mai Tai’s to their phones. This is your free time at a boutique hotel on the ocean.

Dinner: You Know Where…

I am doing the right thing here. And by doing the right thing, I mean sending you back to BALEENkitchen one last time. For dinner, try the Linguini Bolognese (made with short rib) or their version of the Pan-Roasted Salmon, which includes a truffle-corn puree, roasted marble potatoes, and wild mushrooms. I would be doing you a huge disservice to send you anywhere else to eat. Besides, the talented chefs and perfect ambiance are located directly inside the resort.

Day Three

It Is Happening: Leaving So Soon?

You do look, my son, in a moved sort, as if you were dismayed: be cheerful sir.

sole-miami-dc-life-magazineThough I doubt you were reading renaissance poetry in your oceanfront room during your stay, the aforementioned line from Shakespeare couldn’t ring any more true than right now. So, lift your spirits as you check-out and be glad it happened. Next visit to the Miami Beach area, you’ll know exactly where to stay without having to stray very far for anything else. Furthermore, if you’re the ‘marrying’ type, perhaps its time to re-consider the beach wedding and reception idea you may have once had. Ladies, start dropping hints. Gentlemen, this article is your gameplan.

Sole Miami – A boutique hotel on the ocean