Quattro Osteria

I’m so excited to talk about my recent dining experience at Quattro Osteria. It’s a go for me. This is the place for you if you’re looking for more than just spaghetti and typical pasta dishes that we’re used to. Not only does this spot offer alternative Italian cuisine, but it’s vibe is not what you’d expect given it’s location near the famous U St corridor. When I think of U Street, I think of bars and quick bites, not high quality restaurants. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived.

The Vibe

The ambiance at Quattro Osteria is warm and inviting. It sits on the corner of Florida Ave and 6th St NW, D.C. I was lucky enough to go on a night with nice weather, so the patio was available for outside dining. I sat at the front bar and the doors were open so we can see people and cars passing by, and they can look in. The feel was very open and inviting. I could tell that the owners took pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere with their patrons in mind. I felt very comfortable. The decor was nice and was definitely giving that authentic Italian vibe with trees, flowers, and grapevines on the walls, ceilings, and throughout the space. 

This is a place where you can come to celebrate a special occassion, have a special date night, business lunch, or girls night out. It’s even cool if you’re just walking down U Street and are looking for a cool place to get some great food and drinks. Dress to impress or come as you are. Either way, you’ll feel comfortable and get treated the same. 

The Food

Now, I’m a picky eater, if you don’t know already. I don’t eat meat, and I normally stay away from dairy. However, I had to try some of their menu options that had cheese in them. Because, why not? Let me tell you, I loved the cheeses I tasted. Their cheese, like a lot of their food, was imported from Italy and aged for months. I actually appreciate the different textures, flavors, and time it takes to make the different cheeses. They also serve bread while you’re waiting for your meal. OMG, it was fiyah! The taste and flavors were amazing. I could have eaten the whole plate if I didn’t wanna leave room for my food. I had the opportunity to try a new dish from the winter menu. It was a butternut squash ravioli with a hint of sweetness that I really enjoyed.

There are options for everyone on the menu. Don’t be shy. This is the type of place that you want to try something you’ve never had before. The chefs are masters of their craft. They take pride in making sure they prepare your meal the way you want it. Not sure what to order? Don’t worry. Just ask for recommendations and you’ll get something you didn’t know you wanted. The quality of the food was impressive.

The Drinks

The bartenders are friendly and take their time making your drinks the way you like them. Their drink menu has specialty cocktails I’ve never heard of and it was difficult to choose which one I wanted to try. You can tell the list was carefully curated and a lot of thought was put into creating it. Of course you can always get a standard drink, but I suggest you opt in for one of their signature cocktails instead. They have a great wine selection as well. If you’re more of a wine person, just ask the waiter which wine pairs best with your meal and soak in the experience. 


  • I love the transparency. The kitchen is open, so you can watch the chefs prepare your food if you want to. They have a clean kitchen, and I can’t stress enough how important that is.
  • They use fresh, high-quality ingredients and take pride in their food. Their menu changes with the seasons, which I think is a great idea, and I have never heard of that before. 
  • The cocktails were all named after songs, which I thought was very creative. I had the “Like Being Stoned” cocktail (for obvious reasons)


  • The only problem I had was the parking, but hello, it’s DC. This won’t be an issue if you live in the area, hop in a rideshare, or catch the metro. 

The Verdict

You already know, it’s a go! I don’t usually go to U Street too often, but I will go for some great food. Quattro Osteria is definitely a place I recommend for a great dining experience. Now is the time to try their new winter menu which is in full effect. They have amazing new menu items that weren’t available before. If you like trying new things, great vibes, and tasty cocktails, you will enjoi this restaurant. Treat yourself to something nice and go down to 600 Florida Avenue NW.