The Taste of DC festival has been sorely missed the past few years here in the D.C. area. This food, wine, beer, and music event has been close to dormant until this year. We have one man to thank for this new resurrection: Steuart Martens. He is a Washingtonian who starred on Season 10 of “The Apprentice” last fall. Steuart runs Tradewinds Specialty Imports (wine distributor) and he has stated that he jumped at the chance to take over Taste of DC. He wanted to showcase that D.C. is a hospitality powerhouse. He also invited people to discover the many great restaurants we have in the area.

The event featured tastings and dishes from more than 80 of DC’s best restaurants, eateries and food trucks, a Farm-to-Fork zone, and the chance to get up close and personal with local chefs and winemakers.

To sample food at Taste of DC, visitors had to buy tasting tickets priced at 10 tickets for $15 (online, a package of 20 tickets for $25 will be available). Every vendor offered small tastes for two tickets or less, as well as larger portions that require more tickets. Alcohol tickets must be purchased separately, at 10 tickets for $15.

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