I once read that Belgians feel their food is cooked with “French Expertise” and “German Generosity” and my visit to B Too proves it to be true.btoo-restaurant-24

Right away I knew I was in for a treat. B Too restaurant presented me and other media foodies with a pleasant and cozy atmosphere and a warm hostess with a wonderful greeting at the door. We were escorted to a special bar located in the basement, where we could try all of the wonderful drinks our mixologist’s had planned for us.

The appetizers… “My God, The Appetizers!” They were decadent and brought out to us it seemed by the dozen. The most intriguing of which were the foie gras lollipops, and an absolute must try if you stop in. The sage in the chorizo split-pea soup gave me a pleasant warming through to my bones. Next was a refreshing and soothing cold gazpacho soup that was the best I’ve tasted, and probably the best in the city..

It was a wonderful dining experience, there was no shortage of delightful tastes and aromas to be consumed, one could almost forget that the bartenders make their own flavored alcohol mixes.  B Too’s in-house flavored spirits give the drinks their own unique twist on classics like their old-fashioned. The drinks at B Too have their unique signature all over them, giving them a taste that’s all their own.

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If you have never experienced Belgian food and beer this is the perfect place to try some.  It’s been said the Belgians feel their food is cooked with “French Expertise” and “German Generosity” and they incorporate elements of both into the menu here at B too.

Belgians arebtoo-restaurant-29 known all over the the world for their excellent beers, chocolates and cheeses.  Belgian technique is also respected when it comes to preparing seafood and it shows here with B Too’s wonderful mussels.  What good would a Belgian place be if it did not offer waffles …..the waffles here are amazing.

Year round, it’s always worth the trip to B Too or Belga Café where owner and executive chef Bart Vandaele serves up his Belgian culinary masterpieces. Bart received his culinary training in Brugge and spent many years working at some of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in Belgium, including Maison Schaus, recipient of two prestigious Michelin stars during his tenure as Sous Chef. He has been the honored internationally as the Executive Chef for the European Unions’ head Diplomat and has since prepared meals for prominent political figures such as Hilary Clinton, Kofi Annan and many more.

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Author Eugene Smith is the creative director of several online publications and a cultural-diversity author. He designs media and branding strategies to make an impact on the global community. Eugene uses his diverse background and upbringing to showcase cultural diversity through art, cuisine, music, and fashion with a passion for people and life.

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