This environmentally sustainable Dupont Circle gourmet grocery store features only products that are locally grown or produced.

*Locavore: one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible

The next time you find yourself in Dupont Circle, be sure to pop into Glen’s Garden Market.  This gourmet grocery store is one-fourth sandwich shop, one-fourth bar, one-fourth café, one-fourth marketplace and four-fourths environmentally sustainable. Almost everything in this boutique grocery is locally grown or created. Common goods are not likely found here. From epicurean dog treats to bison pastrami to the fabulous churn-your-own peanut butter machine, Glen’s is gourmet all the way.  The produce section features all your favorite in-season fruits and veggies, and a few you may be less familiar with like black raspberries or Russian red kale. Each produce bin is labeled with the food’s information as well as the exact distance it traveled before reaching Dupont Circle. After your done perusing the stacks, why not stop by the bar (made entirely of recycled paper!) for a $4 local craft beer, or check out the wine vending machine which allows customers to serve themselves a glass from various local vineyards. Hungry? Grab a tasty gourmet sandwich, which tastes far more expensive than the $8.00 you’ll pay for it.  Feel free to make visiting Glen’s Garden Market a full afternoon’s affair.  The sunlight-filled, quaint café area has free Wifi. Make sure to bring your own bag or buy a reusable one when you’re there. In an effort to maintain an environmentally conscious store, Glen’s Garden Market doesn’t provide paper or plastic. Sure some of the items are a bit of a splurge, but rest easy knowing that shopping local is healthier, boosts the community’s economy, and is better for the environment.  Be sure to pick up a carton of homemade honey lemon lavender ice cream, an indulgence sure to wow your taste buds.

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