Denver’s The Source Hotel is a journey that began with the front desk attendant researching my reservation and swiping my room card to activate it. Meanwhile, a co-front desk attendant grabs a glass cup and pulls down on a spigot.

“How about a check-in beer, sir?”

“A what?” I said.

the-source-new-belgium-dan-fechtA check-in beer. Ever had that? Dreams do come true. I take my perfectly filled cup and off to the elevator I go, sipping all the way.

Contemporary and minimalistic, somehow, The Source Hotel pulls this concept off with edgy and confident ease. Located in Denver’s up and coming RiNo district, the neighborhood breaths cafes, breweries, and artistic sensations all around. With that said, here’s why you’ll want to prepare your next extended weekend for The Source Hotel in Denver, Colorado.


Day One:

Check-In and Shoot for a Suite

You really need a suite at The Source. It isn’t totally necessary, but I highly endorse it to get the best out of your stay. Submit your online reservation at and do your best to grab one of the suites before they’re full. If you can’t get a suite before they’re all taken, then, well, you’re going to have to reserve a room for now and show up on your scheduled day and see if any patrons of The Source will trade rooms with if you buy them a few New Belgium beers. Unlikely, but worth a shot. Whatever it takes though, right?


Your Hunger is Calling: Dinner Time

the-woods-foodLocated on the rooftop of the hotel, The Woods is a New American restaurant encompassing a magnificent open floor plan with views that make use of the city and mountain range. If the weather is right, try to get a table outside to best enjoy the almost 360-degree views.  Start the excursion with a New Belgium Beer from the menu. New Belgium Beer, the authors of Fat Tire, brew on the first floor. This is in collaboration with the hotel as a long-term trial. Hence, why a check-in beer is in order at the front desk. As for dinner, the Rueben is a classic staple with a twist – the sauerkraut is made with New Belgium beer. And The Woods burger is quite the yummy specimen as well.


After Dinner Shenanigans

The chic journey to Denver’s The Source Hotel continues. On the lower floor of the hotel, The Market Hall is a trendy market-hall-the-sourcecollective of charm. An open space with modern minimalism also being the theme, you’ll observe crafty vendors offering locally made goods. Want an artisan beer? Hit Crooked Stave. Hunting for a unique piece of clothing? Eyes Open is a means of fashion to declare your individuality. Want a cup of coffee without having to pump any more of your salary into the pockets of a green logo’d multi-billionaire mermaid princess wearing a tiara?  Try Caffe Figurati. You’ll notice premier innovative Denver eateries dotting the market’s premises. Still, I’ll send you to dine at some of these restaurants later on during your stay.


Day Two

Brunch is Calling @ Safta

Nothing can prepare you for Safta. Here is where you’ll dine on Modern Isreali fare prepared to the pinnacle. Pitas are feathery and fresh from the fire and the hummus has the capability to change your life and save you money – meaning you won’t ever want to buy hummus from the grocery store again.

The weekend brunch is an amalgamate of food presented to you by way of a modern-buffet line as chefs continually prep and refill right before your adorably hungry-looking eyes. You’ll be able to sample dozens of different items without feeling an overwhelming need to go into a food coma afterward. The union of flavors dances around your taste buds with a brilliance the goes detected throughout your entire body. Much like a bolt of liveliness. And since it is the Source Hotel, and beer is a religion in this building, you must drink that or a mimosa(s) with your meal. When you finish your divine dining, don’t even consider scrapping the plates of those diners who left before you. It is uncivil. Tempting, but uncivil. Suggestion: have any friends in the Denver area? Invite them to join you for Safta’s brunch as it is the perfect setting for small to medium-sized groups.


Do This Next: Take A Dip

woods-the-sourceOn the rooftop of the 8th floor is the location of the hotel’s pool. It is next door to The Woods restaurant. The pool is small but mighty and boasts the same views you came to appreciate when you dined at The Woods. The city of Denver and the Rocky Mountains come into gaze while you take a deserving load off. Just remember and keep repeating this: “Going back to work in a couple of days is a figment of my imagination and I will sit in this pool until my employer calls me or until my skin puckers and wrinkles like a prune.”


Enjoy The Room/ Tour The Neighborhood

Your room at Denver’s The Source Hotel is a small piece of heaven whether you realize it or not. Enjoy the polished concrete floors along with the large panoramic windows overlooking a city skyline snug to the front range of the Rocky Mountains. This is a time to relax in whatever way makes you and your partner (or just yourself) satisfied. If a nap is in order, you’re already aware of the feather-like qualities of the room’s bed. Be careful if napping, as the bed has the power to make you sleep until the next day. And the over-sized tubs speak of the royal bubble bath you’ve always wanted to take.

If you choose to hit the city after brunch and swimming time, check out Rule Gallery at 808 Santa Fe Drive (closed Sunday and Monday). This gallery is a classy spot full of unique and at times abstract artwork from local and national artists. Checking out this art gallery will undoubtedly put you in the mindset of the neighborhood in which you are staying. Upon returning to The Source, grab a brisket sandwich at Smok, located in the market hall. Smok bleeds traditional BBQ with a modern twist and shout.


Day Three

Sip Sip Hooray! / Leaving Time

Head back down to the Market Hall and grab a bite (drink) at Isabel Juice Bar instead of a meal. Here is where you can sip on a concoction of green, leafy vegetables and fruits. The greener the vegetable, the more packed with vitamins. Besides, a diet rich in green juice can provide a reduced risk of heart disease and mental decline. To top it off, take a couple of electrifyingly energetic ginger shots and be on your way. Blow the mountains a kiss goodbye and tell the Mile High City you’ll be back soon enough.

When Bob Seger wrote the song “Get Out of Denver” he obviously hadn’t been to The Source Hotel. Therefore, change the song the next time you hear it. Bob doesn’t know what he’s talking about.










Journey to Denver’s The Source Hotel.