Aventura is parallel Miami. “Aventura” is also Spanish for “adventure”. These are some truths about Aventura, Miami, Florida.

My Spanish failed me when I tried to translate “this is a ravishing, dazzling, quintessential, consummate, and a mesmerizing experience one must take.” So, I’ll just write in English. English is fine. We love English.

Discovering this master-planned community just north of Miami is a slightly different take on Miami. Only 20 miles north of Miami Beach, Aventura is for those who crave to escape South Beach. Aventura is for the person who wants to recline in Miami chicness without the “party”.  Conversely, Aventura has some of the best shopping in the nation, culinary delights galore and palm trees that say “vacation”. This is why Aventura is parallel Miami.

I’ve put together an extended weekend to-do list so that your time in Miami-Aventura can be used wisely.


Day One


Must-Do: Check-in, Aloft Aventura


aloft-exterior-aventura-aventura-is-parellel-miami Make sure you call or go online to get a room at least a week ahead of time (786) 590-5150. You’ll check-in sometime during the afternoon. Trendy and contemporary, you can count on Aloft for a stay that is reasonable and modern. Aloft has mastered the customer experience sector above other players at the price point. The downstairs commons area even offers hip chairs, giant Jenga, pool table and a bar area that is exceptional for the neighborhood. Likewise, the beds are firm yet relaxed and the décor clean and pleasing. It is simply the place to stay in Aventura. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/miaaa-aloft-miami-aventura/




Hungry? Go here: International Smoke


international-smoke-dan-fecht-aventura-is-parellel-miami Take an Uber/Lyft or drive a few minutes from the hotel to International Smoke for dinner. The brainchild of Chef Michael Mina and cookbook author Ayesha Curry, wife of basketball superstar Stephen Curry, this spot excites your nostrils the moment you inhale the fumes. And that’s before opening the front door.  What do I recommend? Make your table involve starters such as Ayesha’s Cornbread, or the Atlantic Oysters grilled in a citrus butter sauce, or the Wagyu Shaking Beef lettuce wraps, or even the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Cutlets. Equally important entrée wise? The Korean Short Rib does the trick. With that said, it’s necessary to order the Rib Tip Mac & Cheese, an American staple elevated by a portion of specialty chopped barbecue ribs. Furthermore, you have not tasted anything like it.

As a result of Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry’s creations, International Smoke successfully brings the grilling processes of different nations to the forefront and looks to show America what the world is longing for us to taste. Likewise, you’ll leave with a light perfume of “smoked goodness”, which is only considered a good thing by everyone on earth.


Day Two


Do It: Check It: Aventura ParkSquare condominiums


aventura-ParkSquare-dan-fechtaventura-is-parellel-miami Next door to the Aloft hotel is where you should start your day with a tour of Aventura ParkSquare Condominiums. Furthermore, these residences offer top-notch luxury and the distinction of  ‘A City Within A City’. Surprisingly, ParkSquare is touted as the only place in the Miami area offering fully furnished residences and the ability to sleep there the day you close on the paperwork. Aventura ParkSquare condominiums have taken a giant dive forward into the essential demands of the future. ParkSquare’s goal is to make sure the requirements of a good life are covered. This is how one can focus strictly on their well-being. Here, you’ll feel what it feels like to have everything at your fingertips, to be able to stand on your patio and know that mouthwatering restaurants, all your shopping needs and healthy opportunities to stay fit are at the bottom of the elevator and within a few steps. ParkSquare’s elegance is hands-down the address in Miami synonymous with splendor. https://www.aventuraparksquare.com/


Do This, Next: Shopping is Vital @ Aventura Mall


Your wardrobe might look like you’re from the Northeast, which needs some tweaking down here closer to the equator. This needs to be fixed. Pronto. A top-three mall in America in terms of total square aventura-mall-shopping-dan-fechtaventura-is-parellel-miami footage, you owe it to yourself to hunt clothes. This well-kept shopping center boasts brands showcasing elegance intertwined with a uniquely South Florida vibe. Despite an ever-changing culture towards the standard indoor mall of yesterday, Aventura Mall still stands out as one of the American malls making a dash into what’s next. Consider how Aventura Mall hosts a home-grown farmers market in their commons area most weekends – it’s where one can purchase fresh-squeezed tropical juices, crafty and delicious finger foods and candies. And we can’t forget the Miami-influenced artistry for sale either, all tailored by talented locals.


Go Here For Lunch: Shake Shack


Have you heard the buzz about Shake Shack? It’s the better burger brand that originally began as a hot dog cart in 2001 in Madison Square Park. “Our commitment to taking care of our team may cause us to incur higher labor costs shake-shack-aventura-dan-fechtcompared to other restaurant companies,” Shake Shack has been noted of saying. “The bigger we get, the smaller we have to act.” With philosophies and actions such as these, it’s no wonder it translates so well to the dining experience. The meat and bun are a higher quality which makes Shake Shack one of the juiciest offerings on the fast-casual scene. And now, vegan options have made their home on Shake Shack’s menu. Fortunately, the American palate stresses the need to have upgraded food, and a burger at Shake Shack can allow us to indulge in a staple American meal without feeling the “McGuilt” from a laughing clown in a red and yellow jumpsuit.


Now This: Aloft Hotel Bar


aventura-aloft-bar-dan-fechtAssuming you had a busy yet fun day, it could be time to retire back to your room at Aloft. Take it easy! If you aren’t quite ready for that, then head to the bar in the downstairs commons area for a drink or a few, good chats and some time by the pool. You never know who you’ll meet! It’s easy to appreciate the large, chic open spaces surrounding the bar area, which serves as a constant reminder of the Aventura neighborhood that you’ve been calling your home away from home.


Day 3


You Must: Pool in the Morning


Wake up early and head to Aloft’s pool. The weather will likely be warm but not blistering hot during this time. As a result, enjoying time by the pool will be extra gratifying. You’ll feel the flurries of air from Aventura and the ParkSquare neighborhood run across your bangs. You’ll potentially think about grabbing a few drinks at the bar inside. If you do, you’ll be sure to have your spouse drive to the airport. However you enjoy your last moments in Aventura, you’ll know you enjoyed another side of Miami. Therefore, your bragging rights are special. This trip is special. Aventura is parallel Miami.





Photo credit: Aventura ParkSquare

Aventura is parallel Miami.