Ladies night never tasted so crafty until Goose Island joined the party!

Unless you’ve pledged sobriety and stopped drinking, craft beer has either tickled your taste buds or at least piqued your interests. Wonderfully crafted beers are becoming less rare, and the process of creating them in fascinating. If this is a growing phenomenon you’ve yet to properly enjoy, we’re here to help you.


If you’re a beer novice like me, craft beer is a term used for, “Those beer bottles with the unique and graphic packaging.” Tastes usually range from light to heavy, with a vague interpretation of the flavor profile other than sweet, earthy, or filling.



However, the more experienced beer drinkers know that craft beer brands are one of a kind, small and independent breweries. Most importantly the beers are brewed solely with drinker’s experience in mind. Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to join the craft beer phenomenon.


In the Washington, DC area alone, there are about a dozen different beer festivals through the year. Clearly, there’s growing popularity with drinking beer in our community. For example, the DC Craft Beer Festival last month celebrated a beer tasting from 75 breweries and 150 craft beers just for the Spring Craft Beer Releases. Their Winter Festival in November is sure to sell in record numbers.


Several more beer festivals starting in May will be held in the DC area, including the SAVOR Craft Beer Festival, Brew at the Zoo, and DC Beer Week. But why wait for a festival when you can gather with new friends, share some great beer, and maybe learn a new thing or two about craft beer NOW. Ever heard of cellaring and aging beer?! Yes, you read that right. And yes, you can!


The folks at Goose Island Beer Company are on an amazing Migration Tour this week in DC, kicking things off at 4 pm today, April 29, 2014, for a special Ladies Night at Jack Rose Dining Saloon on 18th Street, NW. Tomorrow (April 30th), the tour moves to Churchkey and closing out the week at Bier Baron on Thursday. Meet the brewers, try some of their delicious craft beer, and maybe become a fan.