With the Flying Fish making changes to their menu and wine selection, I was anxiously awaiting what was in store.

The selection of appetizers was faultless. The “Charles” wings were cooked just to my liking. The seasoned chicken wings had a nice crunchy skin with the inside still being succulent. The flavor profile that these wings presented was something to die for. They were spicy with a hint of fresh herbs that made my mouth explode. Now the Jalapeno Poppers are wrapped in a layer of bacon dressed in a tempura batter. I’m not usually a fan of the cream cheese fillings, however, these were very well executed.
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The one sentiment shared at my table was that the bacon needed to be a little thicker of a slice. **/when is too much bacon ever a problem? Now the Jerk calamari, yes that’s right jerk calamari was the highlight of my appetizers. The flavor that this calamari presented had so many dimensions it sent my taste buds into overload.

The soups and salads I was not a big fan of because I found the lobster bisque was too sweet for my liking. The Steak & Avocado + Shrimp & Avocado salads were okay with the highlights of the salads, in my opinion, is the dressing and the proteins themselves. The steak was cooked to perfection and the shrimp were succulent and juicy, maybe it’s just that the appetizers outshined the flavor profiles of the salads.

In conclusion, the  Holy Gail of the Night for me was the Pork Belly & Grits. The grits had a sharp cheddar flavor that made me feel like I was eating a Sunday breakfast and Grandma’s house. Not to thick and not too thin, with a piece of pork belly that had a nice deep-smoked hickory flavor that easily melted in your mouth.

I think with the New Menu offerings the Flying Fish will remain one of the premiere Foodie destinations In Old Town Alexandria.