Good food always makes great memories! It is especially true when you are visiting a new city. Exploring the culture of the place through its food is surely a memorable experience. However, locating an ideal restaurant in an unfamiliar place may be a tricky affair. London, for example, is a hub for food lovers, and the city has a lot to offer. If you are confused about which restaurants to visit, the following tips will help you out.


  • Plan a culinary walking tour

You can try booking a culinary walking tour if you visit cities like Westminster, and try to fix it at the early part of your trip. It is an ideal option that allows you to sample a variety of dishes before deciding which places you want to revisit.


  • Read some local publications and blogs

You can do some research while planning a trip to a destination. The Internet is a treasure trove of feedback from local food enthusiasts and bloggers about various restaurants. It is quite easy to save all those addresses to your Google Map to explore once you are down there.


  • Talk to real people

Getting live recommendations from your hotel concierge and other travelers may be a good idea. Cab drivers are another source of information. Also, post your trip plan on your social networking circles to see if anyone comes up with some handy advice.


  • Search for the regional options

You can find many best restaurants in London near Westminster serving local cuisine. If you want to know about the heart and soul of a place, eat what the locals eat every day. Besides, experimenting with local cuisine is part of the fun of vacations.


  • Avoid the top tourist attractions in the city

It is not necessary for the restaurants close to the best tourist destinations to have the best food. It is found that restaurants in the neighborhood of major tourist destination seem to be better as they need to offer something worthy to drag in the crowd.


Some options in Westminster, London

The city is perfect for a gastronomic indulgence, and you have plenty of choices to pick from.


  • Roux Parliament Square

It is a contemporary style luxury restaurant, where you can find an excellent mix of modern furnishing and period features. Roux Parliament Square building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, the same architect who designed the famous Natural History Museum in London.


  • The Goring

A typical 5-star London hotel with luxurious settings. The place is ideal for those who want to enjoy the most traditional and delicious British food. Offering a fun dining experience, The Goring sources only fresh ingredients from across the globe under Chef Cooper. Goring’s has an exceptional selection of wild herbs and truffles to complement many of the dishes perfectly.


  • Quilon

The philosophy and ambiance of Quilon are simple. The restaurant aims to convey the passion for the south-west coast typical Indian cuisine. With an ongoing quest for perfect techniques and most appropriate ingredients, the eatery offers a blend of old traditions and modern flavors.

Locating restaurants, checking their reviews and booking tables have become incredibly easy due to customised mobile apps. Make sure to download such an app on your smartphone to never have to stress about finding new places to eat!