Even the rain couldn’t damper Washington D.C.’s Drink the District event, featuring over 50 different beer selections and food trucks galore.

If you were out on the town last night and wondering where all the twenty and thirty-somethings had disappeared so— they were probably boozing it up at D.C.’s Drink the District: Beer Edition on New York Ave. Not even the rain could dampen the outdoor block party event, featuring over fifty different beer samples and food trucks galore. Whether you were in the mood for grilled cheese and a Miller Light, Bonmi and Kirin Ichiban, or Hard Apple Cider and an ice-cream sandwich, there was a little something for everyone.

Hundreds of people milled about, with their mini beer mugs, sampling IPAs, Lagers, Ciders and beers both domestic and craft from Virginia to Germany and back again. The band was incredibly versatile, rocking out to Pink Floyd one minute and Of Monsters and Men the next. The grown-up games, which included super-sized Beer Pong and beanbag tosses, proved to be especially popular as did the $5.00 photo booth. With a few scattered beer chugging contests, some rowdy guests singing along with the band, and the swarms of ambitious individuals anxious to hit all the stands before the 10 p.m. cut off time, it was truly mayhem of the best variety.

On my way out, I grabbed a free sample of Blowfish: for Hangovers, a new product hitting local drugstores everywhere whose tagline is “Own the night. Save the day.” Blowfish are effervescent tablets part pain reliever part caffeine, designed to assuage the next-day pains that come with alcoholic evenings.

It was a night besotted with chaos and camaraderie as people ran into long lost buddies, romances blossomed, and friendships were formed. People from all corners of DC, united under the umbrella of one key commonality: A love of beer.